Empowering Change: Cheekbone Beauty's Mission and Impact - A Case Study

Cheekbone Boxes

In the early dawn of 2015, as the frosty January air lingered outside, Jenn Harper found herself ensnared in a poignant dream. She visualized young Indigenous girls, their faces radiating innocence and hope, their lips adorned with resplendent shades of gloss.

It wasn't just a fleeting nocturnal fantasy; it was a powerful vision that instilled in Jenn a purpose, a mission. This very dream became the foundational stone for Cheekbone Beauty, making it stand distinct as the pioneer Indigenous-owned and established cosmetics brand.

With a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being and growth of Indigenous youth, Cheekbone dedicated itself to shaping brighter futures. A portion of their proceeds was conscientiously funneled into initiatives that furthered educational prospects for Indigenous youngsters.

Jenn's deep connection to her Anishinaabe heritage has always been a guiding force in her work. In 2020, embracing the principles of sustainability that align with Indigenous values, she introduced the SUSTAIN Lipstick - a line that conscientiously treads the path of minimal waste.

The goal was clear: to empower, educate, and elevate the community, ensuring that the young minds had the resources, opportunities, and confidence to achieve their dreams.

Yet, Cheekbone's vision extended even beyond this noble cause. In the vast and often homogenized world of beauty, many felt invisible, their unique identities lost in a sea of standards that didn't resonate with their heritage.

Cheekbone Beauty sought to challenge and change this narrative. The brand became a clarion call for inclusivity, a space where every individual, especially the Indigenous community, felt reflected, celebrated, and acknowledged.

It wasn't just about lip glosses and makeup; it was about representation, identity, and carving out a niche where every shade, every hue, and every heritage was celebrated in its full glory.

Through Cheekbone Beauty, Jenn Harper's vision was crystal clear: beauty isn't just skin deep; it's rooted in identity, culture, and the stories that mold us.

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At the very core of Cheekbone's mission lies a deep-seated commitment to giving back to the community. This commitment isn't merely a passive sentiment; it actively informs and drives their ventures.

Whether it's through product donations, financial contributions, or targeted project funding, Cheekbone seeks various avenues to ensure its resources flow back into communities, making tangible differences.

The brand has generously channeled over $250,000 towards causes that resonate with its mission. Renowned initiatives like Shannen’s Dream, the FNCFCS, and the Navajo Water Project have been beneficiaries of their largesse.

Additionally, their contributions have reached organizations like One Tree Planted and a spectrum of nonprofits scattered across North America.

Cheekbone wanted to create sustainable packaging, but it wasn't an easy task. They were trying to bring together the world of beauty and care for the environment. Their goal was not only to produce beauty products but to do so in an eco-friendly manner. This made their mission quite challenging.

Committed to sustainability, Cheekbone wasn't willing to compromise. They had a clear vision of what their packaging should represent: eco-friendly materials, minimal waste, maximum functionality, and an aesthetic that mirrored their brand's ethos. This set of criteria, though commendable, posed its own set of challenges.

Their research pointed to a limited number of providers who could potentially cater to their needs. However, 'potential' was the operative word here. Many of these providers, didn't quite hit the mark when it came to Cheekbone's comprehensive vision.

The few that did match the brand's requirements were either too niche, too expensive, or had other logistical challenges that made collaboration difficult.

The limited options in a market that vast underscored a bigger issue: the beauty industry, for all its glamor and allure, was still in its nascent stages when it came to marrying sustainability with product appeal.

For Cheekbone, this didn't just make their journey to find the perfect packaging partner more arduous; it also highlighted the broader challenges they, and brands like them, faced in trying to revolutionize an industry.

Cheekbone encountered a series of challenges that proved to be more complex than initially perceived. They noticed that while certain materials might appear suitable on the surface, they lacked durability. Such inadequacies could potentially undermine the brand's reputation for delivering quality.

Conversely, while some materials ticked the box for durability, they fell short when it came to achieving the brand's desired aesthetic appeal. Cheekbone had a specific vision for their brand's presentation, and these materials didn't align with the distinctive image they wanted to project.

This dichotomy between durability and design forced the brand into numerous cycles of product testing and design modifications. Each iteration meant revisiting the drawing board, causing inevitable delays, and requiring several adjustments before a suitable solution could be finalized.

But the challenges didn't end there. As Cheekbone delved deeper into the realm of sustainable packaging—a path they were committed to for ethical reasons—they were confronted with another harsh reality.

Eco-friendliness often comes with a heftier price tag. Sustainable materials, given their specialized nature and the environmentally conscious methods employed to produce them, typically incur higher costs. Further, the processes involved in crafting them were not just intricate but also resource-intensive.

Their commitment to the planet was paramount, and they sought to intertwine this commitment with the promise of affordability to their customers. However, merging these two objectives proved to be a delicate dance, riddled with complexities and challenges.

Every attempt to find packaging that aligned with their sustainability goals without inflating product costs met with hurdles. This recurring pattern of setbacks and compromises began to take its toll.

The Cheekbone team, deeply invested in their mission, experienced waves of frustration. Their drive to promote sustainability seemed to be facing obstructions at each step, especially when it came to locating a packaging partner who shared their vision and could translate it into practical solutions.

Just when the challenges seemed insurmountable, a twist of fate intervened, providing Cheekbone with a glimmer of hope. A chance introduction, facilitated by a mutual acquaintance in the cosmetics realm, brought them to Jason, a seasoned packaging consultant affiliated with Half Price Packaging.

Jason wasn't just any consultant. He was renowned in industry circles for his adeptness in guiding brands through the labyrinth of sustainable packaging, helping them strike a harmonious balance between eco-consciousness and practicality.

His reputation was that of a problem-solver, someone who understood the nuances and challenges of the packaging world, especially in the world of sustainability.

When representatives from Cheekbone first sat down with Jason, an air of anticipation enveloped the room. As discussions progressed, it became unmistakably clear that Jason's vast knowledge in packaging was the key Cheekbone had long been seeking.

Jenn Harper from Cheekbone couldn't help but express her sentiments, stating, “From the moment we met Jason, it felt like he held the blueprint to our packaging aspirations. His expertise was that crucial missing element we'd been yearning for.”

The collaboration between Cheekbone and Jason of Half Price Packaging soon took a definitive direction. After rigorous consultations and brainstorming sessions, they converged on a decision to house Cheekbone's extensive cosmetic line in Customized Tuck Boxes.

These weren't just any boxes; they were crafted exclusively to accommodate and enhance the brand's 39 distinctive SKUs.

When it came to the choice of material, the pristine White Cardstock was an obvious pick. Not only did it offer robust protection for the cosmetic products, but its immaculate appearance radiated a luxurious, high-end vibe, perfectly aligning with the brand's image. But the real magic was in the printing details. Cheekbone's dedication to perfection and intricate detailing was vividly showcased in the vibrant 4-color scheme gracing the exterior of the boxes.

As a contrast, the interior palette was a more muted yet equally captivating 3-color design, creating a harmonious balance.

The entire packaging venture was a vivid representation of Cheekbone's commitment to quality and elegance, with Jason acting as the guiding beacon, ensuring the brand's vision was realized to its utmost potential.

The intricate color coordination implemented by the team was not merely for aesthetics; it was a deliberate strategy to immerse customers in a sensory experience from the very first interaction.

When a customer unsealed and opened the box, they weren't just accessing a product; they were met with a feast for the eyes—a harmony of colors that sang the brand's narrative and values. This visual palette was an eloquent articulation of the brand's principles, encapsulating its spirit and philosophy.

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However, beyond the hues and the design was a touch of tactile elegance that truly elevated the entire packaging - the Aqueous Matte Finishing. This was not just any finish; it imparted a silky, velvety texture to the boxes.

It added an element of luxury, making every touch a reminder of the brand's commitment to premium quality. This finish was the crowning glory, or as the French would say, the "pièce de résistance", melding visual and tactile elements seamlessly.

When the meticulously crafted box reached the hands of the Cheekbone team, an immediate wave of jubilation permeated the room. Every inch of the packaging radiated meticulousness, from the subtle yet inviting feel of the aqueous matte finish to the captivating dance of hues, both interior and exterior.

It wasn’t just that the box met their expectations; it profoundly exceeded them, making it evident that every minute detail had been thoughtfully considered and executed.

The packaging did more than just encase a product; it echoed Cheekbone's ethos in the most tangible way possible. Every design element, every choice of material, harmonized seamlessly with the brand's overarching values and mission.

This was no ordinary container. It was a tangible manifestation of Cheekbone’s unwavering dedication to blending quality, environmental consciousness, and aesthetic brilliance.

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However, as impactful as internal validation was, the true measure of success lay in the market's reception. And the market spoke loud and clear. As the newly packaged products graced the shelves, they didn't just catch the eye; they translated into significant sales. The discernible increase in sales was not merely a testament to a well-designed box, but a confirmation that when a brand's core values are communicated effectively through design, consumers respond positively, and business thrives.

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