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Pastries are one of the most loved bakery goods, and they are the perfect way to seek pleasure cravings. Pastry boxes prevent the delicious commodity packed inside it from getting damaged and losing its appearance. 
They are perfect for packing cake as a gift on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or any other fancy event. Moreover, these items only taste well when kept moist and fresh. Pastries are pretty delicate and need to be handled with care. Half Price Packaging uses the finest quality cardboard and advanced printing technology. We offer custom-made pastry boxes in different shapes and sizes. You can also ask for any advice from our expert teams. 
We deliver wholesale boxes at cost-effective prices. We use eco-friendly materials and inks for printing. Custom printed pastry box helps to enhance your brand visibility. Our team enables you to customize your pastry boxes completely. Our custom boxes will surely be more creative and authentic than other brands. 

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Pastries are one of the most popular and mouthwatering products of bakeries, and people of all ages love these products. Festivals and parties are incomplete without pastries, bagels, cookies, and cakes. People always demand fresh pastries; therefore, a beautifully designed pastry box is needed to keep them fresh and secure. Companies tend to buy pastry packaging to make their bakery items fresh and safe. The pastry is considered the softest food item that should be packed in unique packages. The bakers and pastry chefs ensure the quality of pastries and other baking items by packing them in custom boxes.  

Half Price Packaging designs pastry boxes in various unique styles to place your pastries and cakes in a presentable and convenient manner. You can also add die-cut insertion in these boxes to reveal the sumptuous sweet pastries inside. We have a wide range of boxes for bakery goods, and our pastry and cookie boxes are the first choice of many leading brands.

Range of Exclusive Designs and Printing Technologies

We offer elegant and enchanting custom pastry boxes that have become very popular nowadays because of their attractive packaging. We are determined to make our customers more satisfied with these beautifully designed custom boxes that are eco-friendly. The beautiful pastry boxes can help you increase your brand reliability and the chances of repeated purchases of your products.  

Half Price Packaging uses the finest quality material which is biodegradable with advanced printing techniques. These boxes can be modified in different shapes, colors, sizes, lengths, and printing options. Moreover, the boxes are composed of quality cardboard and contain several cut substitutes which can be adorned to add a touch of glory to the box. We provide a range of exclusively designed quality boxes for pastries that will surely help to flourish your brand identity while keeping your products safe and fresh.

What Makes Us Everyone's Favorite  

At Half Price Packaging, you can get these custom pastry boxes wholesale at cost-effective prices. Our fully personalized pastry box packaging possesses exceptional designs. We offer a wide variety of pastry boxes wholesale for pastries in all sizes and shapes according to your requirements. These boxes can be modified in different shapes, colors, sizes, lengths, and printing options. These boxes are composed of quality cardboard and contain several cut substitutes that can be adorned to add a touch of glory. We provide a range of exclusively designed quality cheap pastry boxes that will surely help to flourish your brand identity while keeping your products safe and fresh at affordable prices.

Apart from manufacturing the incredible outlines for custom made choux boxes, we always ensure the safety of your products packed inside the box. You may also like our cookie boxes. Go and have a look!

Our expert team has adequate experience and high-level proficiency in this field; hence, they provide 100% quality satisfaction to the customers. We have a quick turnaround time of 8-10 days and are offering free shipping across Canada, Australia, and the USA. Our team is available to provide 24/7 customer support services in order to answer your queries regarding the design of boxes and placement of orders.  

Place your order now at You can call or email us at [email protected] any time or dial 866-225-2112 for further details of our services.

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging prides itself in being USA’s number one custom packaging company. Having served more than 3000 clients and being in the industry for over two decades we know exactly what our customers need. We provide premium quality boxes of pastries at affordable rates with the quickest turnaround time. Our bulk discounts, coupled with free delivery across the USA, UK, Australia and Canada sets us apart from our competitors. You can choose from the hundreds of designs that we offer or come up with your own design and we will bring your packaging vision to life. Contact us today to place an order. You can call at 866-225-2112 or send an email at [email protected]

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Sustainable Pastry Boxes for a Greener Tomorrow

We manufacture our pastry subscription box using eco-friendly materials. Our boxes are made of recycled paperboard, cardboard or compostable materials. These materials in turn minimize the waste and reduce the carbon footprint. We also employ minimalist designs in order to priorities simplicity and functionality and to reduce unnecessary waste. We also use soy based inks to improve recyclability. Furthermore, you can order pastry boxes bulk and save yourself a couple hundred bucks due to our wholesale rates. Our customized packaging will not only provide security to your pastries but will also keep the flavor and shape intact.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are pastry boxes typically made of?
Pastry boxes are commonly crafted from food-grade cardboard or paperboard. These materials are sturdy enough to protect delicate pastries while being environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Are pastry boxes customizable in terms of size and design?
Yes, pastry boxes come in various sizes and designs. Many suppliers offer customizable options to fit specific pastry dimensions or to showcase branding through personalized prints or logos.
Can pastry boxes keep pastries fresh for an extended period?
Pastry boxes are designed to maintain the freshness of pastries for a reasonable duration, often a few days. However, factors like the type of pastry and storage conditions also affect their shelf life.
Are pastry boxes suitable for both hot and cold pastries?
Pastry boxes are versatile and can accommodate both hot and cold pastries. However, it's advisable to consider specialized boxes with insulating features for hot pastries to maintain their temperature.
How should I dispose of pastry boxes responsibly?
Most pastry boxes are recyclable. To dispose of them responsibly, ensure they are clean of any food debris and then recycle them in accordance with your local recycling guidelines.