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Bagel box packages the delicious doughy bagels in the decorative wonders of custom boxes with your favorite dressings. The packaging made of cardboard and Kraft is excellent since it is resistant to food damage and provides exceptional protection to keep baked goods fresh and presentable. These boxes are built of solid materials and range in thickness from 14 to 28 pts, making them perfect for bakery items & food storage. Furthermore, because of the superior printing capabilities, businesses can plan the marketing of their nutritional bagels. Packaging printing processes include digital, offset, and screen printing and foiling, embossing, and debossing.

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Our Elegant Box Packaging for your Yummy Bakery Items

When packaging delicate bakery items such as cakes, pastries, biscuits, and bagels; bakeries and cafés seek functional and unique boxes. Boxes made with Kraft and cardboard are ideal because they protect the bagels better and resist all damaging risks. We make these products with sturdy material, perfect for protecting them. The customers will eventually crave your bakery items and demand them repeatedly. Because when making the buying decision, consumers look for the best bagel box. This is because the product must be packed in an elegant box, as packaging is what people see first.

Unique Embellishment and Customization Options  

Our top-class printing technology helps businesses market their products conveniently. We employ offset screen and digital printing with several finishings such as foiling, embossing, debossing, and lamination.

In addition, our bagel bags take your business to new heights of success. You can develop your customers' brand loyalty by providing them with bagels packed in unique truffle boxes according to your enterprise requirements.  

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Half Price Packaging uses eco-friendly manufacturing materials: Bux board, cardboard, and Kraft. Our bagel packaging boxes come in all sizes, colors, shapes, and designs to match the requirements of the enterprise. They are protective and airtight for bagels. They make the bagel box easy to deliver. They come with astonishing and relevant graphics to capture target customers. Our packaging also contains texture and printing details to connect with the audience. They consist of unique patterns, printed drawings, and artwork. You can also have a look at our donut boxes.

The best thing about our packaging is you can buy wholesale boxes in bulk to store bagels at very economical rates. We do not compromise on quality. The quality will be exceptional in these bulk boxes. We offer free shipping across the USA, Australia, and Canada. Our turnaround period is 8 to 10 business days. Our customer support service is very responsive. The customer service agents are always ready to solve your queries. You can call us at 866-225-2112 or email us at [email protected] to place your order and grab the most amazing biscuit boxes that will sell like hot cakes. Making your clients come back for more.

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Why Us?

Our company has the world's best packaging professionals who use leading technologies. They also add unique embellishments and customization options, making the custom bagel boxes seem magnificent and stunning. Our bakery products' packaging is one of the finest in the market competition. We make the best cake, bagels, biscuits, and pastry boxes. We are a pro player for the screen, digital, and offset printing. Our team monitors the recent packaging market trends and manufactures the boxes according to your needs and designs. The teamwork is according to your demands and provides exactly what you require.

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Fresher and Noticeable Bagels Packaging!

People are fond of sweet treats. They like giving their loved ones bagels and spreading happiness. That's why they pay attention to every single detail of the product. Recent packaging trends in the food industry are making businesses reshape the entire packaging of their products. Half Price Packaging presents numerous customizations in designs and shapes to select suitable boxes for your bakery products, such as bangles, donuts, pastries, etc. You can get free consultancy services and free design support from our trained professionals. Our team of graphic designers pull out the digital copy of your imaginary custom box with their extraordinary skill set. We will deliver the products in 100% eco-friendly material after your approval. Our bagel packaging boxes are robust and protect your products from environmental exposure. You can contact our customer service agents for more information about custom boxes.

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