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Your Yummy Products Packed in Our Secure Dessert Boxes  

Who does not love desserts? Cupcakes, pastries, cookies, and cakes are everyone's favorite. These products are sold and bought frequently in the market. Their selling competition is high, so companies adopt every tactic to rule the market. The main thing that can make your brand stand out in the market is its packaging. Half Price Packaging offers dessert packaging boxes crafted with a combination of customization along with a fusion of creamy, decadent, crumbly, and sweet desserts in a secure manner. The food industry reserves its confidence in carefully made sturdy and breathable wrapping boxes to gain customers interest.  

With the increasing requirement for desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, candies, nougats, eclairs, and bread, customers want these delicacies to be presented in exquisite dessert boxes. Our cardboard boxes offer maximum support to sweet delights encased inside them. These boxes are developed with extreme care. The materials used in the production of these boxes are biodegradable, eco-friendly and 100% compostable. The materials are Kraft, flute stock, and corrugated cardboard.

Glossy and Polished Packaging Boxes to Grab the Attention of the Consumer

Custom dessert boxes are available with an unexpected hint of sophistication in the display window to offer a clear image to the targeted buyers. For the safety of the dessert products, it is eminent for the packaging to provide safety from bugs, pollutants, moisture, and UV rays. Choose wisely and rely on safe and strong packaging options for encasing the desserts.

Half Price Packaging is one of the top packaging companies that offer well-built dessert boxes to customers. We offer CMYK and PMS-style printing. Our polished layering with Spot Gloss, Gloss UV, Semi-Gloss AQ, and Matte UV, saves your packaged goods from moisture, UV rays, and dust particles. We strive to accomplish perfection in a custom packaging that we deliver to your doorstep and also aim to provide you with the best-personalized service. Moreover, we guide you at every step from initial design to the development of cost-effective packaging solutions.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Half Price Packaging believes in providing complete satisfaction to its clients and customers. We are constantly trying to enhance our services and exceed our clients expectations. Our goal is to deliver absolute boxes for desserts of premium quality. We have a competent team of designers who craft your boxes with extra caution. The design, size, and color combinations are all kept in mind while producing every single box. Our company proudly offers minimal rates on bulk orders and free shipping. You can easily approach through phone calls or email channels. Get started with our budget-friendly dessert boxes bulk packages to expand your business. You can also have a look at our alluring pastry boxes.

We ensure fast delivery of boxes and have a standard time of 8 -10 days with free delivery in the USA, Australia, and Canada. We have employed a dedicated and friendly customer support team that is eager to help you out in any way possible regarding your custom orders.  

You can provide the details online on our website [email protected] or call us at 866-225-2112. Our team will assist you with design specifications, and design changes or update you about delivery status.

Frequently asked questions

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Are custom dessert subscription boxes eco-friendly?
Yes, our boxes are eco-friendly.
Can I customize custom bulk dessert boxes with my branding?
Absolutely! We offer customization options, allowing you to print your logo, design, or branding elements on the boxes to create a unique look.
Do you offer design assistance?
Certainly! Our 3D design studio is equipped to assist clients in visualizing, creating, and refining their packaging designs for the best outcomes.
What printing options do you offer for custom packaging?
We offer various printing options, including digital, offset, and flexographic printing. Depending on your design and budget, we'll recommend the best printing method to achieve the desired results for your custom packaging.
What materials are commonly used for dessert box packaging?
Dessert boxes are typically crafted using food-safe materials to ensure the freshness and integrity of the treats inside. Common materials include sturdy cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated cardboard.