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Learn More About Custom Color Printed SOS Bags

Unlimited Customization for SOS Kraft Paper Bags

Customization in kraft SOS bags makes them a more suitable packaging option for several lightweight or heavy products. You can choose the raw material between white-coated paper or brown kraft to easily streamline your budget and brand preferences. When it comes to durability, these bags are curated by paper with varying thickness between 60-100 gsm.

SOS paper bag sizes are changeable whether you need small paper lunch bags or large flat paper bags. Our bags are available in a diverse range of sizes:

  • 15-54 cm in width

  • 8-20 cm in the gusset

  • 20-54 cm in height.

Printing Catchy Artwork with Intention on SOS Bags

There is no point in selling high-quality products in lower-quality and non-branded packaging. You need to reach more customers so they benefit from the diversity of your product. This can be achieved by printing your brand name, logo, and artwork on custom-printed SOS bags to achieve individuality among your competitors.

Pick the best printing techniques offered by Half Price Packaging, like CMYK printing, digital printing, PMS, and offset printing, to get high-resolution results for your SOS bags.

Sustainable Packaging On The Go!

Our eco-friendly custom SOS bags meet all sustainable FDA regulations. We use FSC-certified paper with eco-chic printing methods to comply with the sustainability rules.

Using SOS bags as your product packaging will help your brand fall into the category of forward-thinking and solution-oriented businesses. It will draw customers' attention to purchase your products and add their share in the bigger cause of saving the environment.

Use Flat Paper Bags to Carry Anything, Anywhere, & Anytime

When you design your product packaging by considering convenience that decreases the amount of time and effort for your customers, they will prefer your brand to buy more. The stackable feature of flat-bottom paper bags and paper food bags enables your customer to enjoy convenience at its peak while carrying your products at home.

To make them more functional, brands add handles with varying lengths and durable materials, reducing the risk of falling items.

Enhance the Usefulness of SOS Bags with Incredible Finishing

If you are a food brand, it will be very embarrassing when your product packaging is unable to deal with the greasy nature of your food. In the worst case, the liquid will begin to seep from the food. You can resolve the issue by asking our experts to apply a wax coating on your custom SOS bags. It will not only make your packaging glossier but also allow them to be water-resistant.

For added grace, print your brand name with hot gold or silver foiling with embossing and debossing. It will transform the outlook of your custom SOS bags to incline more towards a royalty touch.

Apart from protective lamination and coating, Half Price Packaging never fails to boost the practicality of the bag with add-ons that include but are not limited to QR codes, die-cut windows, ribbons, etc.

Get the Best Prices from SOS Paper Bag Manufacturers

Half Price Packaging has the latest packaging and printing technology and unrivaled expertise to provide the perfect packaging solutions to many brands. You can talk with our packaging specialists about your product needs and the level of strength you require in your SOS bags wholesale to get the optimum results in minimum time.

We have been working in the packaging industry for the last 25 years and have accumulated enough capability to successfully deliver all sorts of sustainable and custom packaging.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to obtain your envisioned packaging.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What are SOS bags?
It stands for “self-open sacks” and is used to pack heavy and lightweight items at grocery stores, takeaway food points, etc.
What do you put in a custom SOS bag?
Custom SOS bags are the perfect packaging for clothing, cosmetics, pharmacy, or food items.
Are custom bags produced with sustainable materials?
Our SOS bags are created with FSC-certified kraft paper that complies with the FDA regulations for sustainability.
What are the common sizes of paper bags?
Small paper bags= 6’ x 8’ x 3’, Medium = 8” x 11” x 3.5” Large paper bag= 11” x 16” x 4”.
What is the thickness range available for custom SOS bags?
Thickness plays a key role in making your SOS bags more durable. Our range of thickness varies between 60-100 gsm.