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Choose From Our Exclusive Packaging Material for Custom Book Boxes

We use FSC-certified and durable materials, including corrugated, Kraft, rigid, and cardboard for your packaging. These boxes’ materials are luxurious, strong, recyclable, and aesthetically appealing due to particular textures. You can change the thickness of these boxes, ranging between 9pt to 24pt, depending on the storage, display, and shipping needs.

Enjoy the Diversity of Book Shipping Boxes Styles

As a publication, you can customize your book boxes with window die cut, sleeve and tray, and magnetic closure, making it easy to distinguish your books from the competitors. The lid works on the same concept as hinged-lid boxes that are assembled with care, and their sleekness makes them perfect boxes for gift packaging. These lids can be modified to flaps if required for your book mailing boxes.

For the best packaging boxes, deal with Half Price Packaging, which has the latest packaging technology that enables us to create all styles of boxes.

Inspire Readers with Your Incredible Book Boxes Design

Packaging design influences the way readers think about items. When they see your publication name, logo, and attractive artwork relevant to the book title, it will draw the customers' attention to pick up the book. For instance, if your book is related to self-improvement, you can use a sprinting man with a briefcase running with a clear vision of his destination.

Discuss the ideas for your book packaging with our packaging specialist, who will create a design that deals with the intellectual instinct of the readers.

To get high-resolution results for your book boxes, choose our latest printing techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, and CMYK printing. With no color limitations and options of 4-side printing, by using sustainable inks and high-tech tools, we promise to deliver crisp, bright, and smudge-free results.

Make Your Book Mailing Boxes More Functional with Add-on

For boxes, we have a variety of add-ons like handles with varying lengths to make them more functional and convenient to carry for customers. You can personalize these boxes with eye-catching stickers and labels. To facilitate interaction, we provide several transparent PVC window options that shield books properly while your customers can have an effective view of packed books. You can also print your International Standard Book Number or QR code on the packaging to effectively trace your books.

Choose Premium Coatings on Custom Book Gift Boxes

Our coatings, such as aqueous coating, matte, and spot UV, offer book cardboard boxes a more attractive appearance. They protect the books from moisture, abrasion, dirt absorption, and UV degradation. With our metallic foil stamping, embossing, and debossing printing choices, we can individually embellish your publication to increase its impact.

Order Your Custom Packaging Now!

Half Price Packaging offers all sorts of custom packaging boxes in compliance with your brand and product demands. Our competent designers and experts are knowledgeable about the packaging and designing trends in the market. We use state-of-the-art printing and packaging technology to manufacture premium-quality boxes at affordable prices.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best packaging boxes for your brand.

Display Your Books Properly with Book Boxes

Use custom book boxes to save your books from moisture, bookworms, and impact while protecting the corners and covers of books. They encapsulate your books and keep the pristine whiteness of pages against the possible taints due to dirt. Also, our book shipping boxes allow clients to choose their book from hundreds of options in the bookstore or library without any effort.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the packaging materials used for book boxes?
We use cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid materials for manufacturing premium quality custom book boxes.
Are custom book boxes sustainable?
Our packaging materials are completely biodegradable. They break down into harmless components under environmental forces.
What are the printing options available for custom book boxes?
Half Price Packaging offers CMYK printing, PMS printing, offset printing, and digital printing to produce vibrant colors for your book boxes.
How can you make your book boxes sturdier?
The range of thickness of packaging materials lies between 9pt and 24pt. When you increase the thickness to reach the higher limit, it will provide your boxes more strength.
What is the best style of book boxes you can use?
For a luxury touch to your book packaging, use magnetic closure rigid boxes. If you require to deliver your books over long distances, use custom book mailer boxes.