An Ultimate Guide to the Finest Box Template Resources

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Choosing the right box template is the initial stage of getting the perfect custom packaging for your product. It’s the make-and-break point where you must stick with essential standards like accuracy in size and precision of box shape that will minimize the chances of any error in achieving the expected functionality in your packaging. You can meet these standards conveniently when you know useful and authentic box template resources.

First, we will explain the box template in general, then introduce you to the effective box template resources to let you accomplish your bespoke packaging goals!

What is a Box Template?

Box templates are about creating a precise flattened sketch of the packaging boxes with vivid boundaries before converting them into tangible boxes. It’s the pre-assembly, proposed 2D structure where:

  • Box dielines indicate where you need to cut out the paper cardboard.

  • Creasing lines show the point of folding to get the intended shape with gluing.

But if you think about how you can create this pre-structure, we have a plethora of box packaging template resources to share with you.

Effective Paper Box Template Resources

1. Ready Made Templates

ready made templates

If your product shape is distinctively different from the regular shapes of product packaging, you need to create a specific box cutout template with dotted creasing lines. Maybe someone before you has the same problem and put the template on the royalty-free template box platforms mentioned below. We advise you to check them because it's an ideal solution to save your efforts in preparing a template from scratch.

Die Cut Template

Die Cut Template (one of the most impressive and top-rated) lets you sign up by filling in the needed dimensions (LxWxH) of your cardboard boxes along with mentioning material. It will generate your die lines that you can download in three different formats: PDF, SVG, and DXF. All you will be paying is a nominal amount!

In case you have difficulty comprehending the procedure, the Die Cut Template provides examples of designing different shapes. They show the info in tabular form for curating shirt boxes, tray boxes, food boxes, etc.

Shutter Stock

Power your creativity at Stutter Stock by crafting the free printable box template that works well for your product packaging.

Shutterstock doesn’t ask you to pay for anything! Yes, it is free! Just look at the box that complies with your requirements and resembles your idea of the custom box. Now, simply download it, and voila! You will have plenty of choices on Shutterstock, including small box templates, triangle box die-cut templates, 3D box templates, stackable retail double-edge box patterns, and more. The list never ends!

Template Maker

At Template Maker, you don’t need to create an account to design and download a custom-sized cardboard template box. The platform also allows you to customize the angle in your product packaging if necessary.

For the box bag template, provide info about length, width, height, and folds to analyze how your expected packaging will look. It’s the most recommended platform to get special shape templates like spheres, gemstone box templates, and regular shapes, including mailer box templates and shipping box templates.

2. Hire a Packaging Designer

packaging designer

What if, even from the countless online box templates, you don’t get the desired die-cut shape for your box? Here come the custom packaging designers who will save you time hunting down the right box template through bundles of options. There are plenitude of notable platforms to find the brilliant designer to meet your specialized packaging demands, but here are the top three:


Behance is the right pick whether you want to redesign your branded packaging or create an impactful style by finding the right box template. However, you must consider a few parameters while hiring a packaging designer from Behance:

  • Set your budget

  • Finalize your timeline

  • Browse the creative service

  • Always send an inquiry

  • Review & accept the proposal

Upwork & Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr take the hassle out of finding a packaging designer and adhere to specific industry standards. You can scrutinize the profiles according to your constraints like time of delivery and budget, as well as several jobs done by the freelancer before. One can find hidden talents with skills in drafting packaging box templates. You can find from beginners to experts here.


Dribble is a dedicated resource for digital designers where they self-promote themselves by sharing their artwork and portfolio. You can extract the details about the designer and look up their packaging work before assigning projects. To evaluate their skill level, it’s better to communicate your packaging needs and take some of their suggestions about the cardboard template.

No other design group comes close to where Dribble stands full of trendy designs.

3. A Box Die-line Designed in Packaging Software | A Last Resort

packaging software

Boxshot Software

Boxshot software is available on their website and is compatible with Windows, Intel Mac, and Apple Silicon. It’s the mockup software for product and packaging with 70+ customizable shapes to get a realistic 3D box template. You can:

  • Craft your boxes with a packaging design template

  • Use its 3D Box generator functionality with dieline maker to create cardboard box templates.

Illustrator and InDesign

Illustrator and Indesign help create the packaging layout or die-cut template. Both are Adobe graphic software used in the design industry.

  • In Illustrator, the designer produces a vector file for packaging design aligned with your brand colors and other artwork.

  • Indesign, on the other hand, goes to the option for packaging layout and box template measurements.

4. Get Packaging Companies Design Services

packaging design services

Multiple custom packaging companies in the US offer dedicated and free design assistance, as they are skilled in curating any box template for various industries. Before finalizing your design, get some mockup packaging box templates both in digital and physical forms. The pros in the packaging companies are well-versed, telling you tricks to save hassle and money. They guarantee concrete results.

5. Use Crowdsourcing

Surprisingly, you can crowdsource your packaging design templates to collect information, opinions, and artwork from packaging designers via the internet. It will winder your latitude to bring individuals from different parts of the region who have the capabilities to deliver outstanding box templates. Moreover, the following are some of the platforms for crowdsourcing.


CrowdSource the open space platform providing scalable packaging designers service along with other workforce (if needed). You need to post your packaging project, and designers will produce the various box templates according to real-time insights extracted from the details you provided. It recognizes your language and culture barriers while guaranteeing a fun way to find the most able designers.


InnoCentive is anticipated to grow by US $6.07 billion by 2029, making it a favorable market. It’s an 11-year-old SaaS community of around 500,000 skilled men who are ready to resolve any design and box template issue. You share your inspiration, and the packaging designer will come up with the box templates with all the technical specs. It makes the right selection of the candidate effortless and faster. InnoCentive gives you radical innovations and breakthrough solutions.

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Wrapping Up

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