Learn More About Custom Printed Tin Tie Bags

Provide Unmatched Preservation with Our Food-Safe Tin Tie Bags

At Half Price Packaging, we create tin tie bags from premium, food-grade materials to ensure the freshness and integrity of your products. Our variety includes compostable options like brown kraft paper and white kraft paper combined with PLA layers for eco-conscious businesses. We also offer recyclable choices such as PE/EVOH structures for durability and barrier protection. Opt for white kraft paper if you are seeking a clean, polished appearance, whereas natural brown kraft is perfect for organic food packaging.

With Half Price Packaging, you get not just packaging solutions but also a commitment to quality, sustainability, and ensuring your products reach your customers in optimal condition. Our sustainable paperboard is crafted from FSC® certified and recyclable paper.

We have other several material options to meet every business needs:

  • Paper – made from recycled or bleached kraft

  • Plastic – made from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP)

  • Biodegradable/Compostable – made from renewable resources like plant-based materials (e.g., cornstarch, PLA - polylactic acid)

  • Laminated – combine different materials for enhanced functionality

  • Foil – made from aluminum foil laminated with other materials for added strength

Acheive Design Brilliance with Premium Printing & Finishing

Our cutting-edge printing processes include Flexography, Gravure, and Digital Printing. We have chosen these techniques after careful analysis. These printing methods are best suited for flexible packaging like tin tie bags, offering greater adaptability to different surfaces, faster production speeds, and cost-effectiveness.

With our expertise in CMYK and PMS color models, we ensure vibrant and accurate color reproduction. This makes your branding elements pop with excellent clarity. Utilizing sustainable inks such as soy and water-based options, we deliver outstanding results, prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Whether it's your brand logo, tagline, particular artwork, or signature colors, we skillfully incorporate these elements to seamlessly reflect your brand identity on every bag. Moreover, from matte and gloss finishes to embossing/debossing and many more, we provide the perfect finishing touch that leaves your customers in awe.

Custom Pouch Options: Your Wish, Our Command

We offer unlimited customization options to help you form tin tie packaging that fits your needs and requirements. Our experts can make them in any size, color, or design you need and from eco-friendly materials if you want. Do you like a modern style or a more natural one? Ask our professionals, and we will make it happen!

By default, we place the tin ties where they usually go, but you can customize their position. You might prefer them on the rear panel or placed higher or lower on the bag. To ensure precise placement, please measure from the top edge of the pouch to the top edge of the tin tie when requesting custom positions.

Let's Collaborate To Create Something Exceptional!

Looking for outstanding packaging? Let's team up to design custom tin tie bags!

Pick colors, sizes, and add-ons like degassing valves, hang tags, windows, tear notches, and zipper closures per your requirements. Our partnership will produce standout packaging that's both practical and eye-catching. Our team is available 24/7 for inquiries about exclusive offers and the latest updates.

Feel free to reach out to us at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get an instant quote. Place your order now!

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What is a tin tie?
A tin tie, alternatively called a twist tie or bag tie, is a plastic tool designed to maintain the freshness and security of a product. It enables easy opening and resealing without the risk of spillage.
How do tin tie bags work?
Tin tie bags are a special kind of packaging that's made from materials to keep your food fresh and let you easily seal the bag again, providing barrier properties. To use one, you fold the top part of the bag over the tin tie, then fold it over again and wrap the ends around the bag to close it. They don't seal as tightly as zippers, but they still keep air out pretty well.
Are tin tie bags recyclable?
Tin tie bags can have various recycling options depending on their materials. While consumers can upcycle the paper portion, the tin tie itself isn't recyclable or compostable and should be disposed of separately. Before composting, ensure the removal of the valve and zipper from the tin-tie paper bags.
Why use custom tin tie bags?
Tin-tie pouches are typically made from paper or plastic material, featuring an iron wire on one side for foldability. These convenient closures are particularly advantageous for gusset bags or quad-seal bags. You can incorporate them into window pouches to enhance presentation. Customization on these bags allows you to increase your brand recognition among customers.
How do you install tin ties on bags?
You have the option to apply tin ties either manually or using a machine. However, manually installing adhesive-backed tin ties can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in a waste of valuable time and resources. To apply the tin tie, simply peel off the cover paper sheet and adhere the glued side to the top of your packaging pouch.