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Customized pre-roll packaging in diverse styles and sizes, letting you preserve the freshness, taste, aroma, and effectiveness of your pre-rolls along with ensuring convenient use! Our compliance packaging carries necessary features (child-resistant caps, tamper-evident labels, etc.) to maintain legality and make sales. Now, deliver your rolls in sturdy, eco-friendly, and digitally customized boxes, saving them from accidental bents or bursts along with ensuring ultimate brand notoriety.

pre roll packaging

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Get A Variety of Styles to Design Pre-Roll Packaging At The Best Prices

Available in diverse colors, sizes, and styles, Half Price Packaging’s pre roll packaging boxes help you present your rolls with custom branding. Provide your clients with the very best, as we deliver an extensive assortment of child-resistant, durable, fully customizable, chic, and easy-to-open pre-roll multi or single pack. Where add-ons keep everything sorted, finishes make your preroll boxes shine! Also, for the easier labeling process, we can provide made-to-order labels that never peel off, saving you time and costs.

Assures your buyers that the pre-rolls from your brand are fresh, odor-free, and untainted at the time of purchase with a pre roll display box!

Materialize Your Vision with Pre-Rolls Packaging

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our diverse selection of materials, each curated to provide the perfect canvas for your ideas. From cardboard pre roll packaging to Kraft, our premium papers are picture-perfect and tend to deliver a sophisticated yet extravagant touch. Our collection offers versatility, letting you transform your concepts into tangible works of art, guaranteeing that your brand image & product quality are presented with the utmost impact and style.

Regardless of what you need for cannabis preroll packaging – a refined texture of cardboard, contemporary foil cardstock, durable bux, or rigid box elegance – our biodegradable and customizable stock brings warmth and character to your creations for a timeless feel.

Our Diverse Coating and Lamination Solutions

With Half Price Packaging, be ready to discover a world of specialized finishes and laminations. Each is chosen to enhance, safeguard, and transform boxes’ exteriors or surfaces. With a keen focus on customization, we propose these solutions to your precise requirements, guaranteeing unmatched functionality with aesthetics.

Half Price Packaging’s extensive array includes cutting-edge options, catering to diverse industries:

  1. Anti-reflective coatings optimize visual clarity.
  2. Protective layers guard against wear and tear.
  3. Heat-resistant laminates ensure performance under extreme conditions.
  4. Decorative films bring elegance to the selected spaces.
  5. Barrier coatings to lock in freshness.
  6. Spot UV-cured coatings streamline production.
  7. Conductive coatings paving the way for advanced electronics.

Order Your Custom Preroll Packaging Embellished with Premium Add-Ons

Half Price Packaging proudly presents a diverse selection of top-tier add-ons to bring distinction to cannabis pre roll packaging with labels. They work best for improving your brand image and ensuring product integrity with the following:

  1. Die Cuts: Craft windows that showcase your pre-rolls, intriguing customers and establishing an immediate connection.
  2. Inserts: Securely hold rolls in place, preventing jostling and preserving their quality during transit.
  3. Cushions: Embrace a protective layer that cradles rolls in gentle care, presenting them in impeccable condition.
  4. Compartments: Organize multiple rolls with precision, enhancing convenience and aesthetics for your customers.
  5. Child-Resistant Locks: Prioritize safety with specialized locking mechanisms that keep pre-rolls out of reach from children.

Let us collaborate in creating packaging that not only houses your products but also delivers them in optimal condition.

Printing Services for Your Creative Visions

We are offering diverse printing techniques that are ideal for high-quality reproductions with precision. From offset to digital printing, we have perfected each process to maintain short runs and rapid turnarounds for pre rolled packaging. Large format printing stands ready to transform your ideas into larger-than-life visuals suitable for banners, posters, and displays.

Whether you're aiming for classic sophistication or contemporary flair, our printing services provide the ways to create the most fascinating designs.

Typically, we prefer CMYK and Pantone, considering their accuracy. Half Price Packaging has the right software, advanced equipment, and much-needed experience and skills to complete printing tasks precisely. We leave no chances for blurry, pixelated, smudged, or shadowy artwork!

Achieve Vibrant Expressions with Our Ink Selection

Half Price Packaging offers an extensive spectrum of inks. Whether you seek subtlety or boldness, our ink selection caters to every creative inclination, promising lasting results.

  1. Eco-friendly water-based inks produce rich, deep hues perfect for projects where sustainability and quality meet.
  2. Pigment-based inks ensure impeccable color accuracy and longevity for luxury yet custom pre-roll packaging demanding precision.
  3. Metallic inks infuse a touch of opulence, creating a captivating interplay of light and shade.
  4. Fluorescent inks add dynamic energy to your designs, making them impossible to ignore.

Quality Finishes for Admirable Roll Packaging Box

For those seeking a way for creative branding, our specialty services include letterpress, embossing, and foil stamping, adding a tactile and visual dimension to your designs.

For a striking combination, we have a gold stamping service. You can use it for pinpointing brand names, slogans, or contact details. Need something classier? Holographic foiling packaging is unbeatable in uniqueness and can bring real charm with a multitude of shades. Our list of premium finishes can go on but we’d like to mention what makes us different: window patches. We make the patches in your desired shape, style, size, and place of the box with the most precise tools and measurements with NO room for even a slight mistake.

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Half Price Packaging is a reliable packaging supplier that delivers your products promptly. We pay close attention to your brand's needs and develop the custom preroll packaging bags you require. Our boxes provide the perfect packaging solution for your premium products. With various add-ons, bulk discounts, finishing options, printing techniques, materials, and stock choices, we offer a comprehensive range of options to meet your specific requirements.

Half Price Packaging’s personalized boxes are excellent for drawing in customers. Order in bulk today to take advantage of huge custom pre roll boxes wholesale savings. You are also welcome to provide ideas; our designers will make them a reality with a better sense of style. We always provide free digital samples and required 3D models to make this process convenient. For any queries, please email us at [email protected] or dial 866-225-2112.

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