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Learn More About Jewelry Subscription Box

Speak Out Loud Through Customized Jewelry Subscription Box Packaging

Jewelry and beauty brands consider the jewelry subscription box essential for improving brand visibility. Styled with artistic designs and the latest geometrical shapes, these custom packaging solutions hold the ultimate power to attract many customers. These custom boxes attract customers by covering up sparkly jewelry products, scarfs, t-shirts, notebooks, pens, sticky notes, badges, and several other objects. 

The well-constructed women jewelry subscription box solutions are the goal of many jewelry makers. Therefore, it is important that the packaging boxes of jewelry should have flexibility and strength to resist all heavy shocks during transfers and delivery.
Aim High with Our Customized Packaging Solutions

Half Price Packaging delivers the best quality of custom boxes in every possible way. As additional options other than subscription boxes, we provide mailer boxes, kraft boxes, folding boxes, rigid boxes, and corrugated boxes. Our materials are, without a doubt, sturdy and long-lasting and are listed as cardboard corrugated, flute stock, and kraft. We have state-of-the-art techniques and tools of die-cutting, scoring, and perforating to enhance the internal appeal of the best jewelry subscription box. 

Furthermore, we provide CMYK and PMS printing techniques. You can also go for the no printing option to keep the design of these boxes simple. Moreover, you can equip the custom boxes with Spot Gloss, Semi-Gloss AQ, Matte UV, and Gloss UV lamination options, saving your packaged items from ultraviolet rays, moisture, and dust particles. You can always send blueprints to our diligent design team who can add subtle touches to the jewelry box subscription packaging.

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Half Price Packaging offers custom packaging solutions for all kinds of products. Our extensive collection includes logo-printed tapes, custom boxes, envelopes, and other customized products. You can order us to incorporate all types of designs, colors, and sizes in your custom cosmetic subscription boxes. Our company offers free shipping to most customers in the USA, Australia, and Canada. To conduct business with us, please give us a phone call at 866-225-2112 or an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you for sure! 

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