7 Essential Factors in Choosing Custom Packaging

custom packaging

When you're getting custom packaging for your products, there's more to it than meets the eye. Your choice depends on the core aspects of your business. Even a simple mistake in your product presentation could mess up how people perceive your brand. So, don't think it's a simple job. There's a lot to ponder upon, and it's trickier than you might know.

To make a smart choice, consider the following 7 pointers before deciding on your packaging.

1. Purpose and Audience

purpose and audience

First and foremost, outline your packaging objectives, target audience, and requirements, as these are the key pointers to ensure your custom packaging aligns with your brand image and attracts potential customers. A customer meets you through your brand display – it can either make or break your business. Therefore, think about investing in customized packaging with a thoughtful approach!

You must develop a brand persona by conducting thorough market research about your customer base. For instance, if you own a skincare business, identifying your buyers based on skincare preferences, age groups, and interests is paramount before finalizing a packaging partner. Also, researching the recent trends in your particular industry can be valuable. Understand the demographics, behaviors, and purchasing habits of your client base.

In the context of a skincare brand, your customers are mostly young adults. So, figure out what things they are more inclined towards. It might be pure organic products or sustainability. Based on the data you gather, you can regard the following suggestions in your skincare business:

  • Prefer earthy tones coupled with minimalistic designs

  • Use biodegradable materials

  • Choose graphics that convey a sense of calmness and freshness

  • Avoid vibrant sparkling hues

2. Size and Dimensions

size and dimensions

Trusting someone with your custom packaging is overwhelming. If you want to shape your product packaging to your liking, define everything beforehand. Provide your packaging partner with clear and exact dimensions of a box how you want your packaging units to be.

It’s essential to specify the size of your box to guarantee it fits your product effortlessly. Before placing an order, make sure your box is easy to handle and transport, regarding the length, width, and height. Further, consider designing packaging with a simple and user-friendly structure for hassle-free opening and closing of the package as well as quick access to the product. Need an example for better understanding? An elongated mascara tube wouldn't fit well in circular or square packaging.

It is advised to look for a company that offers limitless sizes, shapes, and styles, giving you the flexibility to design unique custom boxes without being worried about the unavailability of your desired size range.

Correctly sized packaging with an ideal shape and style for a snug fit contributes to the visual appeal of the product!

3. Material and Durability

material and durability

The selection of packaging material depends on the nature and functionality of your product. After all, not every item is suitable for the boxes made of cardboard, paperboard, or Bux board. Different products have different requirements! Moreover, factors such as fragility, perishability, weight, and intended display may influence the decision.

Where delicate items made of glass need extra protection and cushioning, steel or iron products won’t demand extra effort. For damageable items, sturdy and rigid boxes with around 40 pt thickness are favorable. On the contrary, lightweight and non-fragile items, such as clothing or textiles, may not require the use of rigid boxes. Flexible packaging options like poly mailers or soft pouches could be more suitable.

Remember: A 40 pt rigid cardstock is best for high-end and luxury-class packaging. Meanwhile, 14 pt to 24 pt cardstock is ideal for small-size, mid-size, big-size, wholesale, and retail packaging.

The secret is in selecting a firm that provides an extensive range of materials with varying thicknesses to accommodate the needs of your brand. Like, if your focus is on promoting an eco-friendly brand through customized boxes, then pick a company that delivers 100% recyclable corrugated or kraft paper bags to compliment your sustainable products. Moreover, if your products are sensitive to certain environmental factors, then make sure they design durable boxes to protect your sensitive products during transit.

Understanding the material and durability of the packaging is a proactive step. It may assist you in streamlining the entire process with the custom packaging partner.

4. Branding and Design

Branding and Design

When deciding on a partner for personalized branding and designs, it's essential to prioritize certain services and capabilities. One must prefer a platform that offers a varied selection of customization options, assuring they can tailor solutions to serve your unique requirements. They must be proficient enough to craft a packaging design that reflects your Brand Values.

Moreover, ponder the prospect of collaborating with a team that understands the importance of maintaining a cohesive and consistent design theme across all your product packaging. The exports should be able to skillfully highlight key product features while providing all-inclusive brand details. The information may include brand name, logo, tagline, usage instructions, expiry date, warnings, company’s contact number, etc.

  • Also, confirm if the preferred business is equipped with:

  • Advanced design technology to bring your vision to life effectively.

  • Adept at incorporating vibrant colors, captivating graphics, and distinctive fonts to make your product stand out on the shelves.

  • Recognize the significance of uniqueness in branding.

  • Expert in creating a product design that resonates with your target audience, ultimately boosting conversions.

5. Printing Options

Printing Options

Well-designed and well-printed packaging conveys a sense of professionalism – adding value to your brand.

It's good to keep diverse printing and finishing options in mind before finalizing your quote with a custom packaging partner. A common practice is to prefer a company that gives a broad color palette with no color limitations and state-of-the-art printing techniques. CMYK, Digital, flexo, and PMS/Pantone are the most favored printing methods used in the packaging industries. Thus, opt for a printing technique compatible with your packaging materials.

In addition, make sure your chosen service provider provides all the box printing options: 4/4, 4/0, and 0/4. Talking about printing, don't neglect the ink varieties. The quality of sustainable soy-based, water-based, fluorescent, and many other inks should be top-tier so the print never fades.

6. Lead Time and Cost

Lead Time and Cost

To ensure a smooth production and delivery process:

  • Focus on the lead time and cost implications involved in ordering custom packaging.

  • Think about getting detailed quotations from your supplier to better understand the overall cost breakdown.

  • Always check if the outlay aligns with your decided budget.

Bonus: Some companies give special discounts on bulk orders. So, you better avail those!

To prevent delays in restocking or launching, the lead time of your partner must match your manufacturing and shipping schedule. Therefore, communicate with your supplier to plan everything ahead of time. Moreover, certain suppliers require additional checks for quality assurance that can extend the timeline of delivery. One must inquire about any extra charges on rush orders or expedited services.

Opt for the custom packaging company after a thorough evaluation to avoid inconvenience later on.

7. Shipping and Storage

shipping and storage

Last but not least, take into account the shipping and storage requirements for your custom packaging. It will help you ensure that your handpicked company is worth the money and practical for your business.

Consider evaluating minimum order quantities (MOQs), as many companies offer as few as 1000 units per order, which might not be suitable for startups needing around 300-400 bags monthly. Ordering in bulk can offer cost savings and logistical efficiency, but assessing available space is also necessary. If storage is a concern, opt for a company offering complimentary warehousing.

Bonus: You can also ask for a pre-production sample or prototype to make sure that everything is aligned with your prerequisites. It allows you to feel confident about the final result.

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