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Learn More About Lighter Boxes

Our Exclusive Packaging Materials for Lighter Boxes

Lighters fall into the category of brittle products that require superior-quality materials to provide excellent protection to them. Our packaging materials are not just sustainable but also durable enough to save your lighters during travel. Whether you choose our sturdy cardboard, corrugated stock, eco-friendly Kraft, or rigid, they will guarantee to satisfy all of the rigorous quality standards significant to define the best packaging materials.

Our premium stock, which has a higher thickness between 9pt and 24pt, bears all the accidental stressors and range of poundings.

Enjoy Total Control Over the Custom Lighter Boxes Styles

The style of the packaging boxes depends on your business goals. If you want to increase brand recognition, go for display lighter boxes with a tuck top style.

You can also choose two-piece boxes for gift lighter boxes.

Don’t miss out on the windowed lighter boxes when your audience is most interested in looking at your lighters for purchase. Our clear top lighter boxes will allow your customers to analyze your best lighters without opening your packaging boxes.

Above all, the accurate dimensions of the custom lighter boxes will let them hold your products during transit without using excessive packaging. It will reduce your shipping cost due to win over the DIM calculation.

Select Unique Designs for Custom Lighter Boxes

There is a simple formula for amazing design, help your customers locate you and they will help your brand by buying your products.

You can print your brand name, logo, and artwork in the signature color scheme for trendy packaging design. Indicate your lighter type, including refillable, butane, electric, plasma, or more, with printed info on your custom lighter boxes. It will allow your customers to choose the right one when they see the accurate details on the boxes.

Half Price Packaging provides CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing, which can help you attract potential customers to your products.

Add Grace to Your Packaging With Finishing & Add-ons

Our finest finishing and add-ons will make smokers a fan of your brand. The hot gold stamping with embossing and debossing allows your lighters to grab the attention of your customers. The UV and gloss coating may provide a shimmering effect to your lighter packaging, as they become the epitome of aesthetic appeal. Also, our aqueous coating on boxes protects the lighters from moisture which is essential during the shipping process.

The add-on in gift lighter boxes like multicolor ribbons provides a lifetime experience to the recipient and places your brand meanwhile in their mind. The inserts and partitions in the boxes allow you to add more products without compromising arrangements. You can also ask our experts to print QR codes on custom lighter boxes to make them easily traceable during handling and storage.

“Go Green” Custom Lighter Boxes

If you’re a brand that works proactively to shift its choices to sustainable packaging solutions, our custom lighter boxes are the perfect packaging solution for you. We craft them from 100% eco-friendly materials, enabling each package to biodegrade within a few days.

Our boxes leave no harmful components in the soil and are effective enough to attract the attention of eco-conscious customers.

Order Luxury Lighter Boxes At Wholesale Rates

Half Price Packaging curates custom packaging boxes with meticulous attention to detail. Our customization possibilities assist us in offering out of the league packaging outcomes for our clients. You can request 2D or 3D prototypes for your bulk orders before going into the final production process.

We go the extra mile to make affordability real for customers by giving free shipping and free design assistance to them.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best packaging solutions for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

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What materials do you use to create custom lighter packaging?
We use cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, and rigid to manufacture high-quality custom lighter packaging boxes.
Do you offer free packaging samples for lighter boxes?
Yes, if you order in bulk and are looking for 2D or 3D mock-ups, we present them to you so you can make a well-rounded decision about getting your envisioned packaging.
What are your MOQs for display lighter boxes?
We don’t have any MOQs for display lighter boxes. You can get any number of boxes you need for your lighters.
What are the best materials for gift lighter boxes?
We recommend rigid boxes with magnetic closure or two-piece boxes for gift lighter boxes.
What is your turnaround time for lighter boxes?
We take 8-15 business days to deliver the lighter boxes to your doorstep.