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Premium Candle Dust Covers To Protect, Advertise & Impress

Protect your fragrant candles from dust-dullness with Half Price Packaging's dust cover paper!

Candle covers are necessary for upscale packaging and become equally important as candle quality rises. Overall, with well-printed covers, your candle jars will appear fresh, protected, and pristine all the time, any hour of the day! Our covers cut on dust and provide extra space for branding or printing safety instructions. We let you utilize this additional area to showcase product details, your logo, and reach-out information.

Our experienced designers add an extra flair by getting creative with hole sizes and shapes. Unlike others, we print on both sides for that WOW factor. You can effortlessly choose material thickness, paper types, lamination styles, and quantities that fit your vibe. Along with showcasing the candle’s beauty, the covers provide a protective shield against dust, dirt, and unwanted particles.

Make every moment fragrant and fabulous with this essential accessory for candle enthusiasts.

Remember: we're all ears for special requests and customizations.

Top Off Your Candles In The Most Elegant And Eco-Friendly Way With Dust Cover Paper

To make the moment of gifting a candle a heartfelt gesture, you need to cover them with luxurious covers, having sweet, lovely messages that will warm the hearts of your loved ones. But to make it look extravagant, you must choose a quality material that is sturdy but flexible, resilient to damage, yet exotic, like candles. We make them in any material you desire – cardboard, kraft, paperboard, metallic stock, etc.

Each material is fully customizable. The distinct eco-packaging is a bonus, making the candle more gift-worthy. When infused with an enchanting scent, it will bring comfort and pleasure.

Add A Professional Touch To Your Already Gorgeous Candles

Half Price Packaging introduces exquisite custom candle dust covers and custom candle boxes wholesale that offer protection, style, and a perfect canvas to showcase your brand's identity. Ask our designers to add a brand name, logo, personalized message, or tagline for an utter branded look. You can try your style with our printable candle dust cover templates. Have the ones with or without spaced holes, or add a handy tab for easy lift-off. But that's not all! Our covers stand out with a drilled center hole, keeping your candle's wick straight and secure.

We define your dust cover's personality with a myriad of design possibilities. With no color limitation, you may choose from bold hues to calm minimalism or the ideal combination of the two. Also, your greatest ideas become a reality with our full-color digital printer, which provides CMYK, Digital, and Pantone choices.

Whether you want us to print your artwork or brand details, we promise bright, long-lasting, and crisp results.

Thanks to our non-fading ink varieties, we ensure the prints bring the needed charm. We have sustainable soy-based ink available for eco-conscious brands. It is a testament to our vow to sustainability and ethical practices.

Designed To Sit Atop Your Perfectly Poured Candle!

Want to add a little more style to the candles? Premium elements like velvet lamination, foil stamping, and spot UV may improve the visuals of candle dust cover paper. Apart from printing, we are equipped to offer embossing, debossing, varnishing, and other creative techniques to add unique textures. What’s more? Holographic and metallic accents for a lively, rainbow vibe! Gold foiling for an opulence! Anti-scratch lamination for extra protection! Aqueous coating to keep candles safe from water!

We can design dust cover paper with die-cutting or trim painting if you want to give your covers a market-distinguishable body. With fresh finds of every spell, we promise that there will always be something innovative and creative to surpass your imagination.

Half Price Packaging fueling your candle-making journey with personalized candle dust covers to make every candle a masterpiece.

Candle Dust Covers Wholesale | Cost-Effective Solutions for Your All

We offer cost-effective wholesale and bulk purchase options for businesses dealing with high flux. You can delight your clients with the additional touch of intriguing covers for your candles. Brand logos printed directly on the finest paper in a 4-color process and fixed with laminations will help you create something exceptional. Safety warnings are integral for every candle maker. At Half Price Packaging, each cover is individually cut with a hole in the center of the exact size. We can design it for all - single-wick, double-wick, and wood-wick candles.

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Yearning to get your hands on our custom candle dust covers? Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

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Can foil be added to the custom dust covers?
Foil on your dust cover candle quickly adds a shimmering look that draws attention. This addition is very useful for promotions since it increases the perceived worth of your candles and makes the design more persistent.
What is the purpose of a candle dust cover?
A dust cover candle serves to shield candles from dust and debris, maintaining their quality. Additionally, it enriches the beauty and uplifts the product presentation for a wonderful candle experience.
Is it possible to print both sides of a candle cover?
Certainly! Printing on both sides of dust covers provides creative freedom. One side might have important brand information, while the other can display bright artwork or personalized inscriptions. This two-sided strategy increases the effectiveness of your promotional materials.
Does the printing on candle dust cover the damage with heat?
The printing on dust covers is typically heat-resistant and intended to survive standard temperatures. While direct heat sources should be avoided, the coverings are designed to retain quality even after repeated candle usage.
Can I use a dust cover for any type of candle?
Most covers are adaptable and may be used with a variety of candles, including jar candles, pillar candles, and more. You can also customize them as per your product suitability.