Custom Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes with all right branding elements, luxurious customizations, and artwork personalization to wow the customer and keep your items protected in shipping! Our environmentally friendly and durable boxes with attention-grabbing multi-panel prints will remind them why they signed up for your quality service. Usually mailer boxes, we choose a style and shape that reduces shipping and storage costs. Feel secure, comfortable, and happy with us as we aim our utter best to satisfy your business needs!

custom subscription boxes

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Turn the Buyer’s Interest into Loyalty with Custom Subscription Boxes

The subscription industry has skyrocketed and become a modern-day sales kit because it provides convenience to its customers.

When you mail your value products in customized subscription boxes, it makes placing orders more exciting and fun for subscribers. They not only recurrently buy your products in weekly - monthly subscriptions but also encourage their friends and social networks to get one. To successfully attract more customers, Half Price Packaging provides custom subscription boxes in many sizes and designs. Our latest technology enables us to customize the subscription boxes by accommodating your all demands.

Bring Your Products to the Spotlight with Unmatched Custom Subscription Box Design!

You can print your logo with other branding elements, topography, and product details easily with our innovative printing technology. We use CMYK printing, Pantone, and offset printing techniques to execute your brand color scheme. Thanks to our PMS, every time you will get the same results for your custom printed subscription boxes without any slightest variation.

Custom Subscription Box Packaging | Shipping Your Products Safely

Do you need your subscription box with fool-proof locking mechanisms for extra security in shipping? We have it! Does the box have the essential features of being lightweight and elegantly printed? We can make it possible to represent your brand innovatively, competently, and professionally.

With the right size and custom inserts, we let you securely put a variety of products in your subscription boxes. All you need is skillful packaging experts who help you obtain premium custom subscription boxes. And, Half Price Packaging comes up with perfect durable packaging solutions that meet your all subscription business demands.

Get Ready to Start Your Customization Journey with Us

For customization, we simply put you in the driving seat!

Pick the right dimensions for your subscription boxes, the material that echoes your brand values, and the style you desire. Our customization never ends here, we also give you options to choose the inserts, fillers, add-ons, and finishing to enhance the appearance of your custom subscription boxes.


Every order is completed with our tough and rugged cardboard, corrugated, biodegradable Kraft, or rigid material to deliver your products safely to subscribers. We can vary their thickness from 9pt to 24pt - whatever you prefer.

Subscription Boxes Dimensions and Style

It may be possible for one month that you have fewer products that are enough to fit in custom mailer boxes. What if the next month the number gets higher? With our custom subscription boxes, picking the exact dimensions and styles for your packaging is just an order away.


Apply a protective layer of finishing to eliminate the effects of light, humidity, and other factors from your packaging, if necessary. You can use aqueous coating, varnish, anti-scratch lamination, or matte lamination for secure mailing of your custom subscription boxes. To improve the appearance, we have holographic lamination, metallic foiling, and gold stamping.


Subscription businesses usually deliver a variety of products in one subscription box. So, to keep your products organized, it is imperative to use inserts or dividers. You can also print QR codes for effortlessly locating your subscription packaging during storage or transit. For fragile products, use fillers like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam sheets, kraft paper, or air pillows to reduce the effect of any external blow.

Find Diversity in Our Box Subscription Packaging

Discover ultimate protection with our book subscription boxes and transit your variety of books including crime & mystery books, charity books, etc. to surprise your subscribers.

  1. You can deliver your artisan scented candles or soy wax candles in our specially manufactured candle subscription boxes with inserts.
  2. Our clothing subscription boxes for men, on the other hand, are perfect options for effectively sending your seasonal clothes to your customers.
  3. Creative subscription boxes for women are the ideal choice for mailing your subscribers novelty t-shirts, knitted and crochet project boxes, gym clothing, and more.
  4. Subscription brands deliver their sugar fix hot or dark delicious chocolate to women subscribers by using our durable custom subscription boxes.
  5. For fashion and makeup subscription businesses, use our stunning beauty subscription boxes and custom makeup subscription boxes with dividers to delight beauty enthusiasts.
  6. If your business is related to educational subscriptions, use our sustainable science subscription boxes to ship your small eco-heroes a pack with hours of fun activities.
  7. Use our subscription boxes with inserts to deliver your Lego and brick-themed items labeled with your brand name and other design elements in vibrant colors.

Get Premium Quality Custom Subscription Packaging at Affordable Prices

No matter what your budget is, Half Price Packaging has premium-quality custom subscription boxes for you.

Need your subscription packaging for your coffee beans, candles, artisanal soaps, cosmetics, or candies to go viral? We are the partners you need to avail made-to-measure boxes. We carefully curated our custom subscription packaging, not only to wow your customers but also to ensure your products remain safe during transit. Consult with our packaging experts to transform your subscription boxes into the ultimate marketing tool to promote your products.

Custom designed packaging with embossed or debossed logos makes an effective brand promotion. We have professionally printed boxes in the exact size to make your customers feel like they’re getting a gift from you.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get premium quality custom subscription packaging at affordable prices.

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