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Learn More About Custom Postcards

Postcards For Every Need & Use In Every Theme & Style

Our business Christmas postcards provide the finest promotional tools for everything - from inserts and prizes to direct mail and discounts. However, they serve a far greater purpose than just bragging. Whether you're a real estate agent throwing an open house or a smoothie seller offering a two-for-one deal, we have customizable postcard designs for every event.

Enclose a handwritten message in an envelope and seal it with a sticker for those extra-special deliveries. Our business postcards will help you promote your small business effectively. This versatile product can be used for invitations, rewards, and direct mail campaigns.

Choose the Perfect Dimensions for Your Custom Made Postcards

The dimensions and materials of custom postcards depend on their purposes.

If you want more durable postcards, use thick paper to gain high sturdiness. Our standard postcards have the dimensions of 3 ½ inches high × 5 inches long × 0.007 inches thick and 4 ¼ inches high × 6 inches long × 0.016 inches thick. For rank postcards, we use 4 inches x 9 inches of paper with varying thicknesses based on your demands.

Easily Grab Attention with Attractive Custom Printed Postcards

For making eye-catching postcards, our printing experts incorporate essential elements so you can get outstanding outcomes for your custom postcards. It begins with printing your brand assets including logo, text, and color scheme in compliance with your brand kit. For special events, our experts recommend you add a few complementary colors to make your postcard design more striking and memorable for customers.

If necessary, you can also add your customer's photo in custom photo postcards when they purchase your products for the first time from your brand directly.

Whether you go for one photo, two colors, or one font style, use our high resolution printing options like CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing to emphasize your purpose in postcards.

Different Types of Postcards: Exploring Versatility in Marketing

Our variety of custom postcards allows you to share the extra special moment just to remind your friends, family, loved ones, and customers how much you care about them. Get some inspiration from our list of postcards that aren’t limited to the following ones only.

  • Event Invitations:

  • Engage your audience with beautifully designed postcards to invite them to special events, conferences, or product launches.

  • Promotional Offers:

  • Drive sales and customer engagement with postcards featuring exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, or coupon codes.

  • Custom Thank You Cards:

  • Show appreciation to your valued customers by sending personalized postcards expressing gratitude for their support and loyalty.

  • Announcement Cards:

  • Spread important news about new store openings, product launches, or company milestones through eye-catching postcards.

  • Seasonal Greetings:

  • Enhance customer relationships by sending postcards during holidays, conveying warm wishes, and fostering a personal connection.

Get Custom Postcards at Affordable Prices from Half Price Packaging

If you want custom business postcards or our custom magazine printing that is built to your exact specifications, let us develop unique results that meet all your aforementioned objectives. We provide superior packaging and printed products at affordable prices and offer substantial discounts for bulk purchases. Also, we offer free delivery to Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Please consult our knowledgeable team before entrusting us to create unique print business postcards in the form, size, color, and packaging material of your choice. The ordering process is quick and simple, and our customer service is available 24/7 round the clock.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best printing and packaging materials for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

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Are custom postcards printed on both sides?
One-sided printing or double-sided printing custom postcards entirely depends on your demands. Whatever you need, discuss with our printing experts to create the envisioned postcards for you.
Do I need to print my envelopes separately for my postcards?
Yes, our postcard envelopes are not included with postcard printing. You need to separately order your postcard envelopes using our online services.
Is your printing process sustainable?
We use plant-based soy inks and water-based inks that are 100% eco-friendly.
What is your turnaround time for custom postcards?
Our turnaround time is fast as we require only 8-15 business days to deliver your custom postcards to your doorstep.
Can I change my existing branded design into custom postcards?
Yes, share your design with our experts of any size, and they will resize it according to the dimensions of your custom postcards so you get the perfect printed results.