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Learn More About Custom Crayon Boxes

Superior Box Components

Make the appropriate material selection, and your brand will shine! The stock materials used in our crayon boxes are crucial in enhancing your brand's value and leaving a lasting impression on customers. This high-end material offers a smooth, elegant surface that is ideal for exhibiting brilliant patterns and colors. It immediately exudes a feeling of elegance and top-notch craftsmanship, enhancing the value associated with your pencil brand. It safeguards your goods during shipping and offers your packaging a solid, polished appearance that gives buyers a reason to trust you.

One-of-a-kind Customization

We exceed consumers' expectations by incorporating practical aspects into our boxes, such as a sliding drawer or a hinged top. We provide textures that can be added to basic materials to add a sense of distinctiveness and enhance the tactile experience. You can go for a rough and rugged or smooth and exquisite feel. Purchasing our bespoke retail boxes using these high-stock materials can significantly boost the value of your brand.

Solution for Sustainable Packaging

Choose our kraft/eco-friendly paper to embrace sustainability. Because it is made of recycled materials, it accentuates your environmental commitment and gives your package a genuine, rustic appeal. Its upscale design makes it ideal for premium items that require a spectacular unwrapping experience.

Improved Additions

Our foiling procedure adds a gleaming gloss for that extra bit of elegance that catches the eye and leaves an impression. Take it a step further with gold/silver foil stamping to add a touch of grandeur and prestige, creating truly unforgettable packaging. But wait, there's more! Our embossing and debossing technologies provide aesthetically pleasing textures and a delightful customer experience.

Lamination and Protection Coatings

Our gloss or matte laminations, which also radiate competence and refinement, will make your crayon box look and feel better overall. With our aqueous coating, your retail boxes will also have a protective layer that boosts durability and gives them a glossy sheen.

High-End Printing

Our innovative printing methods are intended to fascinate your audience and promote business growth. Your boxes will come to life with vivid, attention-grabbing colors thanks to our CMYK and PMS color printing, ensuring that your pencil brand identity is clearly visible.

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