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Improve Your Marketing Game, One Month At a Time With Our High-End Cover Stock Custom Calendar

Half Price Packaging is here to help you with increasing your brand visibility through their eye-catching custom made calendars. Using too many productivity apps, including digital or custom calendar online, can ironically decrease your productivity. However, with a paper calendar made with premium cover stock, you can avoid this issue altogether.

With our strategically designed customizable calendar, you can organize everything in one place, simplifying your workflow and reducing distractions. Our cover and interior page stock come in various options, including coated and matte paper, cardstock, recycled paper, and textured paper, with thicknesses ranging from 9pt to 24pt. Besides that, some of our eco-friendly and sustainable paper options that may be available include:

  • Recycled Papers - Made from post-consumer waste paper pulp.

  • FSC-Certified Papers - Sourced from responsibly managed forests.

  • Plant-Based Papers - Containing renewable plant fibers like bamboo or sugarcane.

You can also check out an economical uncoated option that is best for basic calendar designs without heavy ink coverage. Let our skilled team assist you in selecting the best paper material and thickness range for your custom calendars bulk.

We take into account factors like the type of calendar you desire, your personal preferences, aesthetic goals, budget, and intended use.

Build Goodwill and Strengthen Client Relationship by Offering Branded Calendars

A custom calendar undoubtedly serves as an invaluable organizational tool for both businesses and individuals. At Half Price Packaging, we offer all kinds of calendars in various sizes and orientations, including but not limited to:

  • Wall calendars

  • Desk calendars

  • Planners

  • Pocket calendars

  • Magnetic calendars

  • Perpetual calendars

  • Photo calendars

  • Academic calendars

  • Fiscal calendars

  • Peel and stick calendars

  • Promotional calendars

  • Appointment calendars and so on

Our in-house designers collaborate with you to grasp your brand's aesthetic and messaging goals. We then craft personalized designs and artwork per your specifications, ensuring custom calendar and advent calendar boxes printing truly reflects your brand's identity. You can also delight your customers with a mini burst of joy with our charming and funky bookmarks.

Whether you need professional themes for corporate settings, functional artwork for the workplace, vibrant and creative designs for artistic ventures, or seasonal and holiday motifs for retail promotions, Half Price Packaging provides customized solutions for all types of branded business calendars using our state of the art printing equipment.

With our top-notch calendar printing services, such as offset and digital methods, including full-color (CMYK) and spot (PMS) printing choices, you will get crisp, high-resolution images and consistent colors. It is promised along with readable typography that is perfect for bulk calendar printing.

Keep your business top-of-mind for clients and prospects by artfully displaying your company's branding elements, like logos, colors, and imagery, for an entire year.

Demonstrate Excellence Page After Page With Our Exceptional Binding & Finishes

At Half Price Packaging, we pay close attention to every little thing.

From choosing the perfect font and highlighting important dates to leaving space for notes and picking colors wisely, we make everything look professional and classy.

To further enhance their look, we have a range of luxurious finishes that can elevate a calendar from a basic giveaway to a premium corporate gift. The most sought-after ones are:

  • Glossy/matte lamination

  • Silk/Soft-Touch Lamination

  • UV coating

  • Aqueous coating

  • Spot gloss UV

  • Foil stamping

  • Embossing/debossing

Foil stamping creates a metallic, luxurious effect that makes branding elements pop, while laminations can make calendars easier to wipe clean. Similarly, soft touch coatings give calendars a velvety texture that provides a premium feel and improves grip. On the other hand, specialty finishes like embossing or spot UV increase the perceived value of the calendar, drawing attention to important details like branding elements.

Additionally, we provide the following binding options to suit the needs and preferences of all our customers:

  • Wire-o binding

  • Saddle-stitching

  • Perfect binding

  • Spiral binding

  • Die-cutting

  • Hole-punching

Smaller desk/pocket calendars are better suited for saddle-stitching or spiral binding for easy page-turning. Whereas, larger wall calendars may require wire-o or coil binding to allow them to hang flat when opened.

We also offer colored wires, coils, or custom cover options with perfect binding for branding opportunities.

Our custom calendar packaging is all about marketing that keeps giving all year round.

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At Half Price Packaging, your satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with your purchase, we will do everything necessary to make it right. Whether it involves adjustments, reprints, or a full refund, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, reach out to us today at 866-225-2112 or email us at [email protected] to receive a complimentary quote and design assistance on custom printed calendars.

Frequently asked questions

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What to include in a calendar design?
Your calendar design should spotlight your products/services and team, braiding elements like logo and slogan, featuring customer testimonials, seasonal themes, and inspiring quotes related to your products or brand identity. You can also integrate your social media handles for promotion, effortless engagement, and connection with your audience.
What kind of paper do you use to print a calendar?
For a user-friendly writing experience, opt for uncoated paper in your calendar. Unlike coated paper, it lacks a sealed surface, allowing ink absorption and facilitating smooth note-taking with any writing tool at hand.
How much does it cost to make a custom calendar?
The cost of making a calendar depends on various factors such as material quality, printing, design intricacy, quantity, labor, shipping, etc. To know the exact price, you can reach out to us through the contact details given on our website.
What printing options are available for custom calendars?
Custom calendars can be printed using various techniques such as digital printing, offset printing, or even specialty printing like letterpress or screen printing. Each method offers different levels of quality, cost, and customization options.
Can I include custom designs, photos, or branding on my calendar?
Yes, Half Price Packaging allows you to personalize your calendars with unique designs, photographs, company logos, and branding elements with no limitations on anything.