Learn More About Cardboard Pencil Boxes

Materials for Long-Lasting Packaging

In addition to being built of the most robust materials, our handcrafted pencil boxes have an essential feature: they are entirely made from eco-friendly FSC-certified resources. Global warming is an issue nowadays, and we wish to safeguard the environment by selling boxes made of biodegradable materials. It is preferable to utilize cardboard or paper, which have less harmful environmental consequences and should be biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly for both the customer and the environment.

Premium Printing

The bespoke cardboard box packaging must be visually appealing and eye-catching. Filling them with color is usually beneficial. We create eye-catching cardboard pencil boxes using CMYK and RGB colors for digital and offset printing. Our distinguishing feature is that we use cutting-edge printing and production procedures corresponding to the most stringent regulations.

Exclusive Add-ons

To personalize the packaging of their pencil boxes, our clients may select from a choice of die-cut and window-cut patterns. We are quite pleased with our unique pencil box packaging. It is available in a number of styles and may be customized with fashionable finishing techniques like foil coating, gloss finish, metallic marking, and embossing, among other options.

Coatings & Finishes of the Highest Quality

In addition, we provide a wide range of unique finishing options. Add eye-catching finishings such as spot gloss UV, aqueous, varnishing, and soft-touch coatings to make the box impermeable. If you keep your pencil brand-new for an extended time, it will last longer. Our premium box packaging is durable and comes in a number of styles.

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