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Pump Up Your Sales With Our Exceptionally Designed Packaging

Your eco-friendly paper sleeves for soap boxes can become your way to boost sales and increase brand exposure when designed smartly. You can think of unique styles and shapes for the boxes to impress the customers. Like how about having colorful soap sleeves reflecting the color of the fruit and fragrance for the sensational view and a lovely note attached to them? We use premium quality eco-friendly materials to provide you with the sturdiest soap sleeves. Custom inserts can be added to the soap boxes to protect the soap bars during transfers. You can have them in all colors with custom patterns, artwork, and brand details. Our free design support is at your disposal in case you need any help regarding the designs.

Boost Your Brand Awareness With Customized Soap Sleeves

We provide you with adorable packaging which is as colorful as the soaps it carries. Our uniquely styled recycled soap sleeves leave an everlasting impression on the customers as we adorn them with high-resolution and vibrant graphics. We get the widest color spectrum with our CMYK and PMS color printing. Our printing inks are highly pigmented, giving a flamboyant appeal to your clear soap packaging. Moreover, we have the fanciest printing option for you with our metal foil stamping.

The gold and silver gleam offers an alluring impression that looks premium and high-end. You can also have your desired artwork embossed or debossed on the soap sleeves and soap boxes. Raised ink printing is another effective way to highlight your brand name and logo. We also offer various surface coatings for added protectiveness and fineness.

We Give The Best Value For Your Money

Half Price Packaging provides you with premium quality packaging besides extensive customizations at affordable rates. Not just this, we also have some additional favors for you like our free shipping services all over the USA, Australia, and Canada. You would love to enjoy our added discounts on purchasing bulk orders. Our minimum order quantity of only 100 pieces is friendly for your small orders. Our worldwide shipping is also quite economical. You can instantly place your order with us at [email protected] or call at 866-225-2112. We guide and help you throughout your journey with our 24/7 worldwide customer support.

Frequently asked questions

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What is a paper soap sleeve?
A paper soap sleeve is a thin, protective covering made from paper or cardboard that is designed to encase and protect individual bars of soap
Can I get custom designs for my paper soap sleeves?
Yes, paper soap sleeves can be custom-designed to match your brand's identity.
Can I order paper soap sleeves in different sizes?
Yes, paper soap sleeves can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of your soap bars.
Can paper soap sleeves be used for promotional purposes?
Absolutely, paper soap sleeves offer a great opportunity for product promotion and branding.