Learn More About Custom Durable Fragile Boxes

Durable Materials For Your Fragile Boxes

High-risk products need special product packaging and must align with the regulations set by the concerned authority. They could be dangerous goods like chemicals, perishable goods like pharmaceutical or food items, or fragile goods like easily breakable goods. Our packaging materials are designed in compliance with the features of these products.

For fragile items, you must use our corrugated materials with flutes or multiple walls. If your product size is not very large, you can go with rigid boxes that are made of chipboard and equipped to withstand any harsh scenario.

Pick Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes for Your Delicate Items

Our double wall boxes are the perfect solution for dispatching your fragile items. They are made of two layers of corrugated cardboard stacked together. Made of kraft paper and resilient enough to offer a rigid frame to prevent your delicate items.

You will get extra reliance and a fluting effect for your products as compared to single-layer traditional alternatives for these fragile shipping boxes.

Meet the Shipping Requirements of Logistical Companies

Whether you are delivering your fragile items through FedEx, USPS, or UPS, you need to glue your whole supply chain intact by fulfilling all shipping requirements. Our fragile shipping boxes allow you to balance the equation between highly protective packaging and excluding excessive packaging. You can pick the right dimensions for your product to go through the rigorous logistical companies' DIM calculation process effortlessly.

Enrich Your Packaging with Fragile Box Labels

Labeling is not just guiding the handler to deal with your products in a certain way but also a strong instrument of communication.

Print your brand name, logo, and artwork with a specific message to tell your customers about your corporate identity and image.

On labeling the fragile boxes and shipping boxes, you showcase particular precautions about the utility of the product and highlight its features to build the trust of your customers and transparency.

Use our high-resolution and latest printing techniques, including CMYK printing, digital printing, and PMS, to curate irresistible labels for your fragile boxes.

Finishing and Add-ons: Extra Layer of Protection

Our finishing will uplift your brand recognition more! You can print your brand name and logo with hot gold foiling and include embossing or debossing to provide a 3D feel to your packaging labels. For electronics products, use UV coating and aqueous coating to protect your items in fragile boxes from moisture and light. The varnish and gloss finish make your boxes appear shimmering on the retail shore.

The significant add-ons for fragile products are inserts and packing materials including starch adhesives, shredded papers, kraft paper, styrofoam, and pallets. Use packing material to fill the gaps inside your boxes to provide support against forces. You can ask to print the QR codes to make your fragile boxes for shipping items traceable and easy to handle during storage and handling.

Go Green Packaging for Fragile Items

When customers choose their products, it’s not only the product but the nature of the packaging that motivates them to pick your brand and items.

In the looming crisis of global warming, buyers prefer that products come in sustainable packaging. Our fragile boxes are made of biodegradable materials as they don’t leave any harmful effects on the planet. They are fully recyclable and help you earn a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Select the One-Stop Packaging Solutions Provider

Half Price Packaging uses fully automatic packaging plants that enable us to craft packaging boxes with precision and accuracy.

For the packaging of your fragile items, discuss the outstanding packaging demands that you require to include in your fragile packing boxes. Our packaging experts will put you in the driving seat and take you in the loop during the production process for error-free packaging.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to incorporate the level of protection you desire in your packaging.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the cost-effective packing materials suitable for fragile boxes?
You can use packing peanuts, air bubbles, or air pillows as packing materials but the most cost-effective one is kraft paper as compared to others.
How durable are your fragile boxes?
Our double wall boxes have high thicknesses and a stack of flutes that enable them to act as heavy-duty packaging and endure fatal blows. For one-box or double-wall box packaging, we follow the instructions given by logistical companies regarding the weight of the products.
What is the role of labels on fragile boxes?
Labels tell the handler about the nature of the products and provide precautionary details to mitigate the risk of damage. The brand name and logo on the labels bring recognition to your brand.
What is your turnaround time for fragile boxes?
For bulk orders, we deliver the boxes within 8-15 business days.
Do your fragile boxes comply with the demands of main shipping players?
Yes, our packaging experts are well aware of the shipping requirements of FedEx, USPS, and UPS so we curate the boxes to align with the demands of supply chain companies.