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We Make Soulmates For Your Soles

We pursue every step required to create stellar packaging solutions so that your pair of soles find the perfect fit for them. Our kraft shoe boxes are fully personalized to your demands and thus result in packaging which is a soul mate for your soles. You can have them tailored in versatile shapes and styles with your desired illustrations and prints on them to receive immense appreciation from your clients. Our sturdily manufactured non-bendable best shoe storage boxes offer ample protection to the packaged shoes even during shipping.

You can even amplify the visual appeal of your fascinating products with our revealing clear shoe boxes. They are available in all shades with various printing and finishing options to help you have a unique image among the rest of the crowd. For your fancy or higher-end products, the best way is to have our kraft slide boxes as they offer an admirable experience to the consumers with their smooth sliding and elegant product revelation.

Packaging Made Stunning With Our Exceptionally Printed Custom Designs

You need to get exclusively printed customized shoe packaging if you want to have a distinct brand image and maximum exposure in the intensely crowded market. Our professional designers are at your help to design unique illustrations, typography, and color schemes that beautifully set you apart from the crowd. Our latest printing technology offers high-resolution impressions of your desired designs while the CMYK and PMS color schemes provide rich colors to please the eyes. 

The best thing is that besides the packaging material of our shoe shipping boxes, our printing inks are also eco-friendly as they are soy-based and completely harmless. Moreover, we let you add a touch of glamour and glisten to your fancy packaging with our metal foil stamping. You can even make your brand name more prominent on the men's shoe boxes with our raised ink printing. 

These amazing printing effects will make your boxes the talk of the town while letting you gain enormous appreciation from your clients. To seal everything beautifully in the end, you can choose your desired surface finish from our variety of coatings.

Amazing Deals Which You Cannot Afford To Miss

When you choose us for your personalized eco-friendly boxes solutions, you not only get the finest quality products but extensive add-ons that are no less than a steal. We provide shoe display boxes wholesale with free shipping services throughout the USA and Canada which are highly appreciated by our clients. However, our fast and secure worldwide shipping can also be availed at pretty economical rates by shopping with us at www.halfpricepackaging.com

Our low MOQs of 30 units is another thing that makes us a favorite among consumers. Moreover, our additional discounts on the purchase of wholesale shoe boxes are something you would never want to let go of. What's more, is that we satisfy our clients to the maximum with our 24/7 worldwide customer support. You can freely reach our efficient representatives to have all your queries and concerns answered shortly.

For all queries and questions, you can reach us via live chat support, email us at [email protected], or call us at 866-225-2112.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Do your shoe boxes have special compartments for shoe accessories like laces or care products?
Yes, upon request, we can design shoe boxes with compartments to neatly store laces, shoe care products, or any additional accessories.
Is there an option for UV protection to prevent shoe color from fading?
Absolutely! On request, we can provide a UV-protective layer to ensure the shoes remain vibrant and protected from sunlight.
Can you apply any special finishes or textures to make the shoe box more luxurious?
Definitely! We offer a range of finishes, from matte and glossy to embossed textures, to add that touch of luxury to your shoe packaging.
Do you offer shoe boxes that can accommodate different shoe types, like heels, boots, or flats?
Yes, we can customize the dimensions and design of the box to cater to various shoe styles, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
Can the boxes be designed with ventilation to keep the shoes fresh?
Certainly! We can incorporate ventilation holes or mesh designs to ensure airflow, keeping the shoes inside fresh.