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Learn More About Custom Drawer Boxes

Exclusive Set of Packaging Materials for Sliding Boxes

Packaging material is an essential thing to account for getting the right product packaging. The material selection depends on the demands of your brand and product. It also includes factors like long-distance shipment, luxury, or affordability. Our packaging materials consist of kraft, cardboard, and rigid, which are suitable for creating well-maintained sliding boxes for products of any size and weight.

If you need to enhance the durability of your custom sliding boxes, choose the stock thickness between 9pt and 24pt.

Use the Diverse Styles of Slide-Out Boxes

Slide-out boxes are available in many styles based on the opening mechanism and add-ons. Some of them are the following:

Custom Slider Boxes with Inlay

If you have fragile products like cosmetic products, chocolates, or any multi-part set, the inlay or inserts in the slider boxes will keep the product safe. They will also keep your items organized while using or distributing them.

Slide Out Box Packaging with Hollow Wall

Slide-out box packaging has a slipcase and lower part with stable and high-quality hollow walls. The double walls of the lower part provide extra protection, whether they are cardboard slider boxes or kraft slider boxes. Our boxes are the best packaging for jewelry and retail items.

Custom Rigid Drawer Boxes with Ribbon Pull

For sliding the drawer out of the boxes, brands use ribbons of various colors and sizes. Custom rigid boxes are open from only one side as the other side of the boxes are sealed. You can also add the same function in your cardboard slider boxes or kraft slider boxes.

Slide Out Boxes with Rope Pull

Do you want an affordable version of slide-out boxes like kraft drawer boxes? You can use rope pull to make them fancier. Our brown boxes come up with a simple colored linen rope available in various colors.

Slide Drawer Boxes with Cut Notch Pull

When you don’t desire to add rope or ribbon pull, cut notch pull is another attractive way to open the slide drawer boxes. They have a notch hole cut on the drawer that acts as a finger notch pull to open the boxes.

Slide Drawer Boxes without Any Pull

Our slider drawer boxes without pull have an advantage over the other types of slider boxes; they open on both sides. You can simply push the drawer, and it will open. These are attractive boxes for gift packaging.

Cardboard Sliding Box with Paperboard

These have paperboard inserts to fix your products entirely inside them. They will never let your product move during the handling and storage process. When it comes to eco-friendly inserts, paperboard has an edge over foam and plastic inserts.

Slider Boxes with Window on the Top

The top window of the slider boxes helps the customers to see the inside product properly. It facilitates the retailer as they don’t need to open the product to show to customers. The high transparency of the product convinces customers to buy them.

Custom Slider Boxes with Handles

You can add handles of varying lengths to your custom slider boxes to help customers carry your product conveniently.

Attract Your Customers with Desired Design

Our custom rigid kraft cardboard slide drawer boxes have enough space to display your brand elements, including logo, artwork, and product name, efficiently. It will strengthen your brand identity and allow your customers to effortlessly point out your products on the retail shelf.

To get high-resolution results, use our latest printing techniques like CMYK printing, offset printing, digital printing, and PMS printing.

Make Your Boxes More Functional with Handpicked Finishing

Our finishing options help your sliding-out boxes to be more inspiring and bring them to the limelight in the store. Use spot UV coating, varnish, matte and gloss lamination to add gloss to your slide boxes packaging. On the other hand, hot gold stamping on sliding gift boxes allows them to shine and create a buzz about your brand.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are rigid slide and match boxes?
Rigid slide boxes are also known as match boxes. They have rigid trays and sleeves similar to the structure of match boxes,
What are the common types of slide drawer boxes?
It is add-ons and opening mechanisms that create the different types of slide out boxes. Some of them include custom slider boxes with inlay, slide out box packaging with a hollow wall, and slide drawer boxes with cut notch pull.
Which materials can be used to produce custom slide drawer boxes?
We use FSC-certified and sustainable Kraft, rigid, and cardboard for the manufacturing of custom slide drawer boxes.
Do custom rigid kraft cardboard slide drawer boxes open on both sides?
It depends on the style of opening mechanism you choose. They have both variants, including opening from one side and opening from both sides.
Are custom slide drawer boxes suitable for fragile product packaging?
Yes, they are suitable for any product packaging. You just need to add inserts to keep your fragile product in one place.