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Learn More About Custom Scissors Boxes

Create Attention-Grabbing Custom Scissors Boxes Without Risking the Reputation of Your Brand

While shopping, we frequently find ourselves suddenly stopping and looking back at an item we just passed because something about it instantly caught our eye. More often than not, that SOMETHING is the PACKAGING, as it's the only visible part of the product. That's what we do for you at Half Price Packaging!

We create custom scissors boxes using the finest quality materials. Our paper stock thickness ranges from 9pt to 24pt, allowing you to select the right fit depending on your preferences. The ideal paper material for scissors and retail boxes in the packaging industry is typically sturdy paperboard or cardboard.

Paperboard scissor boxes offer protection and customizable options for packaging pruners securely. They are ideal for ensuring your items remain safe from external damage. Our cardboard is also the ideal material for premium and high-end scissor packaging. Apart from that, we have:

  • Kraft paper

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Rigid board

  • Recycled board

  • SBS (solid bleached sulfate) paper

Using these materials, you will be able to achieve a smooth surface for high-quality printing, excellent protection, maximum strength, and eco-friendly properties, to name a few.

Highlight Important Information on Scissors Packaging with Cutting-Edge Printing

Only with Half Price Packaging can you get custom scissor boxes printed with clear text, sharp graphic details, highlighted branding elements, and vibrant, consistent color throughout all pieces.

We employ state of the art printing techniques such as offset and digital printing, coupled with flexible color models like CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and PMS (Pantone Matching System). Both printing methods we offer support a variety of finishes. Digital printing allows for easy personalization mirroring your brand theme. On the other hand, offset printing effectively makes intricate designs and logos stand out.

Our team excels in printing all the relevant and required information on the scissor packaging, such as how to use and maintain the scissors for optimal performance and longevity. This includes:

  • Clear usage instructions

  • Safety guidelines

  • Product specifications

  • Brand and contact information

  • QR codes

  • Customization and environmental information

  • Certifications

Still in doubt? Trust us just once, and we assure you that we will return for more. If not, the loss is ours – because we failed to retain new customers due to our empty promises. Who wants that? Definitely not us! Half Price Packaging believes in building long-term collaborations and lasting relationships with our esteemed clients.

Address Common Frustration Related to Poor Packaging

At times, customers get irritated with poor packaging for several reasons, including damaged or broken items and packaging that is not moisture-resistant, thus leading to scissor rusting. In addition, excessive waste from non-recyclable materials, unappealing presentation, and difficulty in opening can also contribute to customer frustration. Keeping all these factors in mind, Half Price Packaging designs scissors boxes that make customers feel they are receiving value for their purchase.

We make it possible by incorporating the following valuable add-ons that increase the functionality and the overall look of your boxes:

  • Secure fit or customizable inserts

  • Easy-open designs

  • Hang tags

  • Tamper-proof features

  • Child-resistant lock

  • Hang holes in different shapes

  • Dividers or compartments

  • Die-cut designs for unique shapes

  • Elderly-friendly design

You can add or exclude anything based on your demands. We are available round-the-clock to assist you with any confusion or uncertainty.

Our experienced professionals work closely with you to create packaging that entices customers. We offer free design support to eliminate additional costs.

With complimentary worldwide shipping, 3D mockups, sample kits, the fastest turnaround times, and the lowest MOQs in the industry, you will receive the most remarkable custom scissors boxes in town.

Order Custom Scissor Boxes Now!

Get your hands on the best scissor boxes USA has to offer at Half Price Packaging. We design the most up-to-date packaging solutions by monitoring our competitors and following the latest trends and customer needs in the packaging industry. Given the rising inflation, cost-effectiveness is our top priority. We make sure that we can adjust businesses of all sizes by comping up with packages as per one’s specifications and budget.

This wide range allows you to pick the best option that matches your boxes. Unsure of what to choose? Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the ideal finish based on your brand and product requirements.

So, reach out to us today at 866-225-2112 or email [email protected] and get an instant quote right away!

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

How can custom boxes with inserts protect your scissors?
Custom scissor boxes with inserts fill up all the extra space in the box quite efficiently. Besides fitting your product perfectly, they enhance the overall presentation and look of your packaging.
Do you offer any special deals on wholesale scissor boxes?
Yes, we have exclusive deals going on for bulk or wholesale orders to benefit our customers so that they can peacefully customize their scissor boxes without being worried about the budget.
Do you provide eco-friendly scissor boxes at Half Price Packaging?
Sustainable packaging is one of our core services at Half Price Packaging. All our materials are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, posing zero risk to the environment.
How can custom scissor boxes benefit my business?
Custom scissor boxes can enhance brand visibility and appeal by presenting scissors in professionally designed packaging. They also protect during storage, shipping, and display, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention.
What customization options are available for custom scissor boxes?
Custom scissor boxes can be customized with various options such as size, shape, color, printing (including logos and designs), special finishes (like gloss or matte), inserts for secure placement, and additional features like handles or windows.