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Learn More About Custom Movie Posters

Get Your Movie Noticed With Our Custom Movie Posters

For better image quality and durability, choose our printing material, including 170g matte paper or 200 A4 size. Outdoor events need water-resistant material, so we offer sustainable plastic. It’s way easier to customize the size and shape of movie posters. Some of the fixed sizes are as follows:

Standard Movie Posters

Standard movie posters are typically used inside cinemas to advertise new movies and are also termed one-sheet posters. Their size varies between 8.5” W x 11” H inches to 27” W x 39” H. If you want to display them on storefront windows, we can print both sides of movie posters. To ensure your printing design does not fade away, our UV coating and matte finishing are available.

Large Movie Posters

Large movie posters size comprise 36” W x 72” H and are elegant enough to make a statement. They are ideal for outdoor advertisements and are placed in retail stores as well as malls to catch the eyes of the audience. Large movie posters have an aspect ratio of 1:2 and serve the purpose of billboard posters, bus stops, and subway posters.

Mounted Movie Posters

Mounted posters are made of two types of material: rigid PVC board and styrene. You can use these posters for a variety of applications, even on the red carpet event of a promotional campaign. When it comes to customizing the sizes of mounted posters, choose between 16” W x 20” H and 24” W x 36” H. Also, no framing is required to support them.

Poster Signs

Our poster signs come in a range of sizes between 16” W x 20” H to 24” x 36”. These go-to marketing posters are made of PVC board and flexible enough to be customized to make an effortless impression on your movies.

Lobby Cards

Half Price Packaging presents you with lobby cards - the kind of movie poster cards with the size of 11” W x 14” H. We print them in a set of eight and can be placed at various locations in the theater lobbies. As the name suggests!

Each card is dedicated to specific details about the movie, from the production credits to distinct scenes.

Our Innovative & Creative Movie Poster Printing is What You Need

You can take your movie as a brand that needs to pass from the whole buyer journey of awareness, consideration, and purchase. Our movie poster printing experts will help you select the content for your oversized movie posters to display the title, credits, and outstanding illustrations with star portraits. The reason behind creating the various types of posters is to draw in the audience. What will be more effective than using attractive typography to depict the storyline of the film?

Don’t take your movie's promotional campaign easy. Remember, there is no point in creating a masterpiece when viewers don’t come to watch it. Get in contact with the best movie poster printing company, Half Price Packaging, to maximize the chances of getting higher sales.

Let’s Promote Your Movie!

Half Price Packaging has the perfect printed posters for you. Our latest printing technology, including CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing, allows us to print movie posters that match your budget constraints. Whether you need indoor posters, outdoor posters, or PR custom packaging boxes to promote your movie, we are ready to create a wow factor in your movie promotional campaign.

You can even order this for your home theater - designed per your favorite film or in line with your lounge's theme. Why wait? Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

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What materials are custom movie posters printed on?
Custom movie posters are printed on cellulose paper, PVC, and styrene boards with sustainable inks.
What is the best size for a movie poster?
The standard size is the best size for movie posters, and it varies between 8.5” W x 11” H inches and 27” W x 39” H.
How long does poster print last?
Posters don’t fade away for years, especially when coated with the right type of finish, like gloss or matte.
What is the resolution for the movie poster print?
The best resolution for posters lies between 150 to 300 dpi.
Which software can be used to design movie posters?
Our printing experts use various types of recent software, including Adobe Express, to create the perfect graphics.