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Condom boxes become a great promotional tool when beautifully customized in attractive ways. Half Price Packaging lets you do it with its unlimited design customizations. You may get them custom-tailored in a variety of shapes and styles with desired eco-friendly packaging materials. We will print your condom packaging beautifully with custom artwork and brand details using our latest printing technology.  

Our free professional design support is there if you need any help with the designs. Our premium full-color printing ensures an eye-catching appeal for your custom condom packaging. We offer die-cutting options to enhance their functionality. Our variety of fine surface finishes is at your disposal. Our affordable custom condom boxes can be enjoyed at extra discounts on bulk purchases with extensive additional favors that you’d love to avail.

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Guaranteed Quality with 100% Customizations

We make sure to create the finest condom packaging that gives your brand the desired growth. You may get creative with its customization with our flexible options. Think of any shape and style and we will bring it to the best form of reality. You may also visit our website to have some inspiration about the packaging styles. Our custom condom packaging is manufactured with quality eco-friendly materials of your choice. Cutout shapes and windows can be crafted on them with our precise die-cutting technology. You can make them an impactful marketing tool with attractive custom graphics and convincing brand details. Our free design support is available if you need any help with the designs.  

Premium Printing Standards to ensure Captivating Impressions

We let you effectively communicate with potential customers and ignite their interest with our beautifully printed condom boxes. Your desired graphics, product details, and brand elements become more impactful with our high-resolution full-color printing. Our CMYK and PMS color technology promise a flashy visual appeal for your packaging. We use richly pigmented inks to create flamboyant custom condom boxes in all colors. You can choose multiple colors depending on the flavors of condoms. We also offer some additional options including metal foil stamping, raised ink printing, embossed and debossed finishing. They perfectly reinforce your brand elements for improved marketing. Moreover, our range of premium coatings will give your retail boxes a finer feel.  

Spend less and Save more

Half Price Packaging provides you the best value for money with its premium yet affordable custom packaging besides various admirable add-ons. With us, you will enjoy free shipping service all across the USA, Australia, and Canada. We help you save even more by offering wholesale discounts on bulk orders. Our low MOQs allow you to fulfill your small packaging orders. Our worldwide shipping is secure, quick, and economical. The delivery timing is expected to be just 8-10 working days. So, get you custom quote now.  For more information, talk to our efficient customer support by email at [email protected] or dial 866-225-2112.

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Why Us?

As the fastest-growing packaging company, our prowess in the industry remains unmatched. Our commitment to easy price matching ensures exceptional value without compromising on the quality of your condom box presentation. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, we pride ourselves on offering the industry's lowest MOQs, making our services accessible for both emerging and established brands. Our state-of-the-art 3D design studio helps you bring your vision to a tangible form. And the cherry on top? We ensure that your expertly crafted condom boxes reach your doorstep with our prompt and free delivery services. Contact our dedicated team at 866–225–2112 or email us at [email protected] to get started.

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Custom Designs that Attract Customers

At Half Price Packaging, we believe that even a product as discreet as condoms deserves an attractive packaging. Recognizing the blend of privacy and promotion, our custom condom boxes are tailored to embody your brand's essence while ensuring discretion. Crafted with precision, these boxes offer both durability and style, ensuring that your product stands out on the shelves. Whether you want to capture elegance or boldness, our design team collaborates closely with you to bring your vision to life. Through vibrant printing, eco-friendly materials, and innovative design solutions, we ensure your brand message is communicated effectively while maintaining product integrity.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

How do the boxes handle variations in small condom sizes or multipacks?
Our design team ensures that boxes are tailored to fit individual products, whether it's for a single condom or a multipack, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
Can the condom boxes be made child-resistant?
We can design the boxes with child-resistant features upon request, ensuring safety and security.
How does the design of these boxes cater to a diverse and inclusive audience?
We pride ourselves on creating designs that resonate with a wide range of customers, taking into account varied preferences and cultural sensitivities.
How do Half Price Packaging's condom boxes maintain product integrity in humid conditions?
Our boxes are made using materials that offer a degree of resistance to moisture, ensuring that the product remains in optimum condition even in humid environments.
Can I get a unique shape or cut-out design for different condom box sizes?
Yes, our customization options include unique shapes and cut-out designs to make your product stand out.