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Refund/ Cancellation Policy

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We at Half Price Packaging are dedicated to the idea of providing our clients with the best online packaging solutions available in today’s online market. We have an array of 77 plus categories of packaging boxes which are all customizable to your satisfaction. Weather you are a big business or small, or someone who is fascinated with boxes of all sorts, we have just the product for you. So while we take care of your packaging needs you can focus of more important things and leave the production and shipping to us! We apologize if your order did not turn out the way you expected, we will be glad to exchange the product concerning quality issues, within 5 workings days of the date of delivery.

Under what conditions does Half Price Packaging accept product return?

Our boxes hare highly customizable and personalized to every individual customer’s desires, so they can not be resold to another buyer. In case of a complain regarding product, customers should contact Half Price Packaging’s customer service within 5 days after delivery. Products can be shipped back only after the request has been approved by the customer service department. Half Price Packaging does not entertain any returning products other than quality issues caused by printing.

How to file a request / Return Product:

File a request with our customer service department, a customer service representative will reach out to you in 1 or 2 working days. If your request is approved for a refund or secondary inspecting you will be allotted with a query tracking ID for further processing.

Please return all delivered products including samples and invoice using the Return Label otherwise your return will not be entertained by Half Price Packaging.

Once approved and evaluated, Half Price Packages will refund the amount to the customer’s online bank account.

When & How will I get my money back?

In case of a refund due to whatever reasons that qualify as a refund, according to the client and our customer support department, Half Price Packaging will refund the evaluated amount to the customers online bank account, within 8-10 working days.

For partial refunds, Half Price Packaging will refund the amount that qualifies.

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Request Free Sample Kit Now.

We realize the importance of press samples to demonstrate our packaging capabilities. In case you have a specific packaging requirement, aside from the standard cardboard or Corrugated Boxes, you can share that with us and request free samples from our past orders.

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