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Finally, you have the perfect product, but do you have the perfect packaging? Half Price Packaging is the 21st-century solution provider for everyone with varying types of printing and packaging needs. We work with the business idea to excel in everything we offer. Whether it is about customized cardboard boxes packaging or traditional printing, we can cater to all of your requirements.

At Half Price Packaging, we utilize modern technology and the latest tools to craft perfect products. We also put extra efforts to meet your demands and deliver your assignments on time. Our company has many things to offer, from modern and artistic texture to bright designs and complex innovations that blend with your business style.

We are a company built on a client-centric approach and know how important it is to deliver exceptional services to everyone. Our staff is friendly and accommodating and always goes a step ahead to deliver the best of everything. Through top-quality and high-end technology, our team can embed your designs and customized print to every type of packaging to boost your sales and client engagement.

At Half Price Packaging, we also take pride in our cost-effective operations that help saves businesses hefty cost on designs and allow us to offer reasonable prices. Our team of engineers work round the clock with clients and closely monitor each production process.

We also help you in choosing and customizing your design if you are stuck during the process and ensure that you are satisfied with our services. Our managers also coordinate closely with the design and production department, so you receive your custom cardboard, mailer, or any other type of boxes within the specified deadline.

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Michael Moran

1 review 7 days ago

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

Overall it was a great experience, not only was I extremely happy with the final designs of my products but throughout the order they were available 24 hours a day. I was able to contact them at any moment and I got a response very quickly. Great Work Half Price Packaging!

Trony Martins

5 review Dec 20, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

I had a custom number of required boxes and very short time available but HPP came up with a very good turnaround time for production and helped me get these boxes ready before the new year! Thanks a dozen guys and galzz

Iris Murphy

1 review Dec 16, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

I had an excellent experience with Half Price Packaging, I needed many different boxes for my products, fully customized with colors and proved it that these guys are real pro! Quicker turnaround and amazing service. Team was awesome to work with. Really helpful, Friendly and responsive which made for a great customer experience for me. I would highly recommend them to my partner and I will be using them again in the future!

Damien Streich

1 review Dec 10, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

Dealing with the company was one of the most convenient service bookings I’ve ever had. The company agreed to cater my small order and also provided a quotation prior to the order, which helped me make a better decision. Their vast range of packaging and color dyes allowed me to package all my products in a different way! I definitely recommend the company for all those seeking packaging services!

Adam Ferry

1 review Dec 3, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

I love the carton boxes! Super impressed with the entire process. Instantly seeing a quote was incredibly helpful and designing the box was fun and easy. The final product looked amazing and I'm looking forward to using up my first order so that I can get some more!

Sarah Taylor

1 review Nov 21, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

I needed to get sophisticated, packaged boxes for my perfume collection that I wanted to launch. I was overwhelmed by the courteous response and amazing work of Half Price Packaging. They have a very creative and dedicated team who even makes changes when you asked them and take care of every single detail. I would love to employ their services again.

Adam Edwards

1 review Nov 18, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

Half Price Packaging provides quality and remarkable service every time. I have used their services five times, and each time their service was better than the previous. Their team expertly take the design and build specifications and ship the product on time. I asked people to use their service.

Laura Campbell

1 review Nov 15, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

Box designing is one thing that there are always some minor problems on way or another. But this cannot be said for Half Price Packaging who provides superb and outstanding services. The gift boxes they designed for me were trendy and stunning with amazing build quality. I would certainly book their services again.

Steven Mackenzie

1 review Nov 8, 2019

Trustpilot Icon Stars

Verified Order

If you want to design custom boxes and looking for options left and right then look no further, Half Price Packaging is the one-stop solution for all your specific needs. The whole team works in a professional manner and does not give room for any complaints. I have nothing but praise for them and surely recommend their excellent service.

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