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Let Your Inner Creative Take The Lead

Get creative with designs of packaging you want in all possible ways so that you can have your dream solutions steal the spotlight. Therefore, we offer 100% customization of your paper pillow boxes in terms of their sizing, printing, colors, and finishing. 

We do it all for you with complete satisfaction, from tiny little boxes for candies to large boxes for apparel. Moreover, if you wish to enhance the visibility of your products, you may avail our die-cutting facilities. We will have the most precise windows cut out on your pillow boxes with window insertion in any shape you want.

Artistic Designs, Prints, and Graphics

We offer you our free design support to develop your kraft paper pillow boxes with the most artistic and eye-catching themes. We have an expert team of graphic designers that creates unique designs and patterns specifically for you while making sure it perfectly portrays your brand philosophy and conveys your message. 

Our latest printing technology and the PMS and CMYK color schemes ensure that your boxes are adorned with high-definition illustrations and vibrant pigmented hues. We also offer metal foil stamping of your brown paper pillow boxes with logos, besides giving them embossed and debossed effects for enhanced texture. Our variety of coatings, such as Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, and Spot Gloss, are also available to amplify the finish of your packaging besides increasing its resistance against UV rays, moisture, color fading, and abrasion.

We Care for Our Environment

The increase in industrialization is a real threat to our planet. The environment is depleting its non-renewable resources while pollution and waste are rising with every passing day. Realizing these issues encourages us to promote a greener planet with our 100% eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable recycled apparel pillow boxes. 

That is why we use the finest quality materials in our productions, such as kraft, paperboard, and corrugated cardboard, which are all obtained from renewable resources. We are helping many businesses promote this great cause with our environmentally friendly approach.

Why Us?

Along with top-notch designs, prints, and customizations, Half Price Packaging strives to match clients convenience and satisfaction. By going for our paper pillow boxes wholesale, you can avail of special discounts and benefits. We provide them with free design support, die-cut and plate cutting, and free shipping on all orders across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. To avail of such advantages, you should be ordering now. For more information, you can reach us any time through live chat support, by calling at 866-225-2112, or emailing at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

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Can you provide wholesale custom pillow paper boxes?
Yes, we offer boxes tailored for various needs, including grocery, gifting items, food products, and more.
Can I customize the paper pillow box design, shape, and size?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering complete customization. You can select designs, shapes, materials, and sizes per your requirements.
How do you ensure the quality and strength of the pillow box packaging?
Our boxes are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability. We also conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure each bag meets our standards.
What printing techniques do you use for the paper pillow box?
We utilize the latest printing technologies, which include offset printing, digital printing, and flexography, to ensure sharp and vibrant prints on the bags.
Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?
As a wholesale provider, we offer competitive pricing and additional discounts on bulk orders.