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Reliable Packaging Solutions for Clinical Test Kits

With the increasing popularity of at-home testing, compliance with regulations in packaging has never been more crucial. Whether it's COVID test containers or DNA test packaging, we have created, manufactured, and delivered innovative and secure clinical test kit packaging solutions. Crafting secure and ingenious packaging is an integral part of our design methodology.

Just like every other project, we engage in a collaborative process with your team to thoroughly comprehend your product and packaging prerequisites. Most at-home test kits come with stringent guidelines, which we incorporate right from the outset. Each guideline presents a new design challenge. Throughout the design and production phases, we make incremental adjustments to consider sustainability, cost-efficiency, and the overall customer experience.

High-Quality Virus-free Printing & Labeling

Our printers are capable of generating endless lines of top-notch text, regardless of size or orientation. They also adeptly manage graphics and data matrix codes. The exceptional i-Tech scan head, which can be rotated in various directions, is engineered for optimal flexibility. Coupled with their compact dimensions, our printers seamlessly integrate into any production process, ensuring unwavering, rapid performance, even when confronted with intricate codes or challenging-to-mark materials.

The versatility and performance of our scribing laser and package labeling technology empower you to adhere to current regulations without jeopardizing your operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Unboxing Experience

In crafting packaging for at-home health test kits, we prioritize inclusivity. The process should be simple and user-friendly, starting with structural design and extending to clear instructions, illustrations, and graphics. Our designers possess deep insights into the medical sector, continuously aiming to strike a harmonious balance between compliance and presentation.

Our versatile medical test packaging employs various materials. Certain regulations may dictate specific materials, or your brand's style guide might impose limitations. Regardless of constraints, our team can collaborate with yours to select optimal choices from our extensive material repository.

Ultimate Packaging Solution for Blood Test Kit

Point-of-care devices empower patients to conveniently collect blood samples at home, on the go, or in healthcare settings. These specially crafted diagnostic tools enable both medical professionals and patients to gather small blood samples, which are subsequently sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Packaging for DNA Testing Kits

The majority of DNA testing companies require just a tiny saliva sample for genetic analysis. To ensure proper handling and seamless delivery, DNA test kits should include sterile collection devices, concise instructions, and user-friendly return packaging.

Packaging Solutions for Alcohol & Drug Test Kits

Testing kits find applications in diverse settings, spanning hospitals, clinics, athletic facilities, and personal residences. Our alcohol and drug test kit packaging are tailored to suit every scenario.

At Half Price Packaging, we understand the critical role packaging plays in the success of clinical test kits. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to deliver research diagnostic boxes that meet your highest standards and regulatory requirements.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you provide customization options for diagnostic test kit boxes, or do you offer ready-to-deliver designs?
You have the flexibility to choose customization, allowing you to create a design that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Alternatively, you can explore our pre-made samples and select the design that best suits your needs.
How Can I Request a Price Quote?
Obtaining a price estimate is straightforward, and we offer multiple options for your convenience. You can share your requirements with us through live chat, email, or by using our contact methods.
What's the Typical Delivery Time?
Our standard process, which encompasses printing, production, and delivery, usually takes approximately 8 to 10 business days.
How Can I Differentiate Between CMYK and Pantone (PMS) Colors for Box Printing?
CMYK combines four colors to create a broad spectrum of colors, similar to mixing paint. Conversely, Pantone (PMS) provides precise solid colors, ensuring an exact match in a single tone.