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Dental Packaging Boxes: Idealized For Quality Printing

The dental packaging design process helps you evaluate the customers’ journey and implement the collected insights in your dental boxes. We help you print all the details about your abutments, implants, orthodontics, and dentures on these boxes by using the latest printing technology. It majorly includes CMYK, offset, PMS, and digital printing in high resolution so the customers can pick your product instantly.

We use superlative techniques and non-fading inks, even sustainable varieties such as soy-based. We promise smudge-free and crisp prints.

Select Our Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dental Packaging Materials

Dental packaging must be hygienic and meet the standards of the concerned authority. Our dental boxes are curated with FSC-certified recycled materials. It’s completely reusable and leaves no harmful effects. The material's texture is also made resistant to moisture and light, the main factors producing the microorganisms that affect the quality of dental products.

When it comes to shipping your lab products, stick with our dental lab boxes made of rigid materials with peculiar locking mechanisms to ensure product safety. For more durability, you can modify the thickness of these boxes from 9pt to 24pt.

Diversity in Dental Packaging Boxes Hidden in Style

To achieve your marketing goals, you need to develop a battle-tested packaging strategy to present your dental product. Align the nature of your product with the packaging! For instance, if your product is weighted high or needs to spend more time on the shelves, select the dental boxes with the same traits that can hold the product for longer in its original condition.

These boxes are available in various styles, like straight tuck boxes, reverse tuck boxes, and sleeve & tray boxes. For more sturdy options, use our mailer boxes to deliver your products safely to your customers.

Use Model Storage Boxes for Sleek Outlook

Dental packaging made of corrugated material with double walls provides long-term storage. The special separation in the dental lab boxes creates the compartments to produce a sleek outlook where you can add labels for better organization. These dental shipping lab boxes don’t need more space during transit as they are shipped flat and easy to assemble.

Add Grace to Your Dental Packaging with Finishing and Add-ons

You can crack a smile on your customers’ faces with unique finishing options compelling enough to bring your dental products into the limelight.

Use hot gold or silver stamping to pop up your items on the retail shelves while aqueous coating and varnish protect the packaging surface from environmental factors. Add-ons, on the other hand, bring more functionality to your packaging designs. It can be about printing QR codes for effortless traceability or adding handles for carrying the products conveniently.

Get Desired Dental Boxes from Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging has the expertise and innovative technology to deal with the nuances and healthcare regulations. Our experts' in-depth knowledge helps you navigate the successful dental packaging journey. We are equipped enough to resolve every packaging challenge you have for your product, from brand enhancement to product protection. Our packaging boxes are durable to retain their structural integrity during the fulfillment process.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best packaging you envisioned for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

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How can dental model storage boxes be designed more effectively?
You can use dividers to create various compartments to store multiple products in one dental box. To add to its usability, label the compartments so you can find the related items quickly.
Why are dental packaging boxes the right option for safe shipping?
Dental packaging boxes are made of sturdy and sustainable materials, including cardboard, kraft, rigid, and corrugated. To make them more durable, you can change the thickness of these boxes between 9pt and 24pt.
What sort of finishing is perfect for dental packaging?
It entirely depends on the nature of your product. If you have toothpaste, use hot gold stamping to print your brand name and varnish to protect the item from moisture and light.
What are the options for customization in dental packaging?
In dental packaging boxes, you can change every aspect of your packaging, from size, shape, design, and material, to align them with your needs.
Which box style will be right for toothpaste packaging?
You can use tuck-in boxes, such as reverse or straight tuck boxes, for toothpaste packaging. These boxes are easy to stack on the retail shelf and attract more customers.