Product Overview

Stand up mylar bags are vacuum-sealed bags used for storage of soft items. The material is made from mylar, which is strong, can easily be inflated, and has an indefinite shelf life. This makes it perfect for keeping items like food or electronics safe from getting wet or spoiled over time. They're especially useful when the product needs to stay cold during transport, like fresh fruit or ice cream. The bag is sealed tightly and then vacuum-sealed so that moisture wouldn’t get into the food. Above all, these mylar gusset bags fold at the bottom to expand a few inches as the food is put in.

Mylar Ziplock stand up bags are also great for storing items like electronics or tools you don't want to get damaged by dust near a construction site. The mylar material makes it watertight and resistant to dust, so your items will stay pristine until you're ready to use them. A secure Ziplock top can be heat-sealed for everlasting safety and protection. These bags may be sealed with a standard clothing iron, making them easy to use.

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Features & Applications

Some of the features of stand up foil mylar Ziplock bags include durability, puncture & tear-resistance. In addition, they have a low environmental impact. Their air & watertight sealable capabilities make them suitable for a range of applications:

- food storage
- pharmaceuticals
- cosmetics
- electronic equipment
- medical supplies

Preferably, stand up mylar bags provide a long-run storage solution for chips, cookies, rice, pasta, dried fruits & herbs, spices, supplements, candies, snacks, pet food, and electronics.

Optimum Thickness & Weight to Ensure Puncture-Resistance

Do you have any questions regarding mylar bag thickness? Make a call, and our representatives will be ready to guide you in choosing the right thickness. Also, check out our customized options if you want to buy stand-up heavyweight mylar bags. We have a wide selection of sizes and colors available and discounted prices when you purchase in large quantities.

Bottom Gusseted Mylar Bags with Straight & Rigid Design

Choose our gusseted mylar bags if you need a robust, unbreakable stand-up bag to safeguard your items. They are made of tough, rip-resistant stuff. Most importantly, stand up mylar bags contain cinch straps for added stability when put on a shelf. These bottom gusseted mylar bags expand into an oval-shaped base when filled with items. These bags may be used to package a variety of items. People, in general, consider bottom-gusseted pouches to be more aesthetically pleasing.

100 Years of Protection with the Utmost Oxygen Barrier

We professionally craft mylar foil stand-up pouches with three layers of protection for maintaining a minimal Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). Our priority is to give maximum durability by providing zipper resealable and airtight packaging. In addition, these special stand-up bags have the lowest Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) with excellent quality stuff. The performance barrier against oxygen, moisture, vapor, and light intrusion is the strongest and most efficient you'll find in our Mylar bags.

Half Price Packaging: A Quality Packaging Service

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if there's a fault on our packaging, for any reason, to assure your success. Half Price Packaging blog covers valuable details on stand up mylars and answers to some related FAQs to help you better understand this product. If you have any questions, please contact our experts, who can assist you in choosing the right stand up mylar food bags as well as mylar pouches to solve storage problems. 

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