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Learn More About Smell Proof Mylar Bags

Heavy-duty smell proof bags for effective product storage

Smell proof mylar bags are the best choice for packaging marijuana and cannabis products. These resealable ziplock bags offer the highest level of odor containment by restricting air flow through the bags. Half Price Packaging makes mylar bags smell proof with ultra-resilient food-grade compound films. These airtight bags protect the packaged contents from environmental factors and thus ensure increased product shelf-life and freshness.

Custom smell proof Mylar bags for more value

To make the most out of your packaging, get your Mylar smell proof bags customized according to your products and marketing needs. Design them in your desired shapes and sizes with custom printing in all colors. We also have a variety of coatings and finishing options for you. Add transparent windows, holographic sheets, hanging holes, and many more features. Our full-color printed custom smell proof mylar bags will highlight your brand among competitors and provide the necessary information to customers.

Premium, affordable, dependable

Half Price Packaging maintains premium quality standards and provides ultra-resilient fully customizable sealed mylar bags. We take care of your budget and offer significant discounts on smell proof mylar bags wholesale orders. Moreover, we efficiently deliver your order with free shipping to the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our designers and customer support agents are available 24/7 to serve you. We have lots of favors and perks for you. Contact us by email at [email protected] or call 866-225-2112 for more information.