Learn More About Small Mylar Bags

Vacuum Sealed Small Mylar Bags for an Airtight Food Packaging Solution

We manufacture airtight vacuum-sealed mylar bags that save your snacks, cookies, and food items from being twisted or damaged. You can safely pack food items and sell them to your customers in perfect shape and condition. A vacuum sealer can be applied to vacuum these mylar mini mags. Keep your small mylar bags perfectly sealed to make them ideal for various applications in the kitchen. Each small airtight bag is crafted to keep the food flavor and taste fresh all the time.

Superb Quality Material that is Hard to Puncture

The product is made of highly durable material that is difficult to break, making it safe to store liquid items such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and sauces. These airtight baggies can be used thousands of times, yet they will remain in brand-new condition. Heat seal your small mylar smell-proof bags to keep food items safe while traveling. With the pre-cut notches, the bag top can be torn readily to use again. 

Half Price Packaging: Your Ultimate Packaging Solution 

We supply these reusable small mylar storage bags in custom sizes, thicknesses, and branding options. In addition, Half Price Packaging can fulfill orders in bulk to give you the freedom of saving big in mylar packaging. We can manufacture these mini black mylar bags in two styles: 3-side seal mylar bags, and fold-over bottom mylar bags, which are sealed on 2-sides and opened on one side and provide slightly more storage space in the exact outer dimensions. 

Our facility has the potential to deliver any size or quantity that no other company will be willing to provide. In addition, our printing capacities include various finishing options to produce customized small mylar smell-proof bags based on your specification and business requirements. 

Do you still have any questions or ambiguity? Call us (866-225-2112) or email [email protected] and let our experts guide you further to get the perfect small mylar bags and build your brand recognition.