Learn More About Mylar Food Storage Bags

Why Should You Use Mylar Bags for Food Storage?

There are tons of benefits associated with mylar bags for storing food items. 

  • Flexibility material

  • Prohibit light 

  • Prevent heat & gas penetration

  • Non-porous 

  • Highly Durable and puncture-resistant

  • Affordable material

Maximize Your Food Life with a Long-Term Food Storage Mylar Bags

Using Mylar bags, air transmission is limited to almost zero. Mylar bags, which are designed for long-term food storage, frequently have different plastic layers on the inside and outside, as well as an aluminum layer in the center.

Which Foods can be Stored in Mylar Bags?

Only meals that are shelf-stable and low in oil and moisture should be packed within mylar pouches. The recommended moisture content is less than 5% for foods meant for long-term storage. Dried fruits and vegetables can be packed in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers as long as they are completely dry. 

Mylar bags can store several food products:

  • Whole-wheat flour

  • Seeds, nuts & beans

  • Dry fruits

  • Pasta

  • Oats

  • Sugar

  • Brown & white rice

  • Granola

  • Whole Grains

  • Fresh foods

Ideal for Storing Freeze-dried Meals

Compared to crushed grains, whole grains keep their freshness longer in mylar bags. For instance, wheat has five times longer shelf life than flour. Likewise, compared to cornmeal, whole corn stays much longer and better. On the other hand, oat flour does not keep as well in mylar storage bags as steel-cut and rolled oats. Similarly, compared to bean flour, dry beans keep better.

Your Real Business Partner: Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packing provides mylar bags food storage that allows customers to reuse them for several years. We create an excellent design packaging solution for your brand recognition. You can store dry foods in these bags to prolong their life. Mylar vacuum seal bags, composed of food-safe materials, are good for retaining the nutritional content of food. We provide a variety of options so that you may select the best food storage solution for your needs. We provide everything you need to maximize the life of your food supply.

Frequently asked questions

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What are Mylar food storage boxes?
Mylar food storage boxes are containers made from Mylar, a highly durable and flexible material that provides an airtight and light-resistant environment for storing food items.
Why choose Mylar for food storage?
Mylar is known for its excellent barrier properties, which help protect stored food from oxygen, moisture, light, and odors, keeping it fresher for longer.
Are Mylar food storage boxes reusable?
Yes, many Mylar food storage boxes are designed to be reusable.
Are Mylar food storage boxes airtight?
Yes, Mylar food storage boxes are designed to be airtight, preventing the exchange of air between the container and the environment
Can I use Mylar food storage boxes for long-term emergency food storage?
Absolutely! Mylar food storage boxes are commonly used for long-term food storage