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Large mylar bags are the ideal choice for packaging huge quantities of grains, meat, spices, nuts, or any other product that needs to be protected from moisture, air, heat, and light. Half Price Packaging provides large and extra large mylar bags made with high-resilient material. These tamper-proof and smell-proof ziplock bags are easy-to-use. Our durable large resealable mylar bags keep the products fresh for years and increase their shelf-life. 
You can have flat-bottom, stand-up pouches, child-resistant, or window mylar bags as per your requirement. Our advanced printing technology creates large mylar gift bags in all colors with vibrant custom designs. Black, white, full-color, metallic, and holographic mylar bags large sizes are available. We maintain low MOQs and offer added discounts on wholesale orders. Moreover, we have got many more favors for you.

large mylar bags

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Protect and preserve your products for ages

The best way to preserve large quantities of food, grains, spices, nuts, etc. for years is to package them securely in large or extra large mylar bags. Made with high-resilient, water-proof, tamper-proof materials, our large resealable mylar bags will make sure to protect the packaged contents from air, moisture, heat, and light. This extreme protection factor will keep your products fresh, potent, and preserved for ages. Moreover, our smell-proof large mylar bags lock the odor in, making a perfect packaging choice for cannabis products.

Promote your products with attractive custom printing

Half Price Packaging is equipped with the latest printing technologies to make sure your large mylar bag has the most eye-catching appeal. These custom printed bags adorned with your desired graphics and brand message will effectively promote your products in the market. Our fascinating metallic and holographic large mylar gift bags look highly luxurious and fascinating. You can even have white, black, or multicolored custom print mylar bags and get them coated with different surface finishes of your choice.

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Half Price Packaging enjoys a great reputation for its premium products, affordable rates, and admirable services. We facilitate our clients with free design support, wholesale discounts, low MOQs, and free shipping to the USA, Australia, and Canada. Our worldwide deliveries are economical, quick, and secure. To explore everything about our products, services, and offers, please contact our 24/7 customer support team by email at [email protected] or call 866-225-2112.