Learn More About Custom Zipper Pouches

Secure, Convenient, and Dependable 

Whether you are looking for a product to place on your countertops or need clear zipper pouches for product samples, we have got you covered with our wide range of vinyl zipper pouches, plastic, and paper product options. From zippers that are 5" high to full rolls of zipper tape in various colors, you can find everything you need to get your product ready for branding or distribution.

The zipper won't rust or corrode, ensuring that it will last for years. The zipper is easy to use, too just open it up and start filling your Mylar pouch with your products.

Safe for Food Preservation 

All custom zipper pouches are made from recycled materials and are resistant to moisture, heat, and discoloration. Custom zipper pouches can be used for virtually any type of product.

 Premium zip-locked and heat-sealable mylar bags, clear from one side and black on the other are ideal for retail products or storage of food, confections, coffee, powders, flowers, etc.

 The food storage bags are made with premium polyethylene and aluminum foil that has passed SGS and ISO certification. The remarkable air-tightness of the self-sealing pouches maintains dryness and guarantees that the food is free of bacteria and oxygen. These pouches allow you to preserve your food products for a long time.

Excellent Printing Technology 

Making a thing safe does not require sacrificing its aesthetic value. You may order colorfully printed wholesale zipper pouches, with unique artwork and brand messages from Half Price Packaging. There are also shiny and custom holographic bags as well as mylar Ziplock bags in white or black. 

Half Price Packaging has a reputation for providing high-quality bulk zipper pouches at reasonable prices. Free design assistance, wholesale prices, and free delivery to the USA, Canada, and Australia are just a few of the perks we provide to our customers. We offer minimal minimum order mylar Ziplock bags with affordable and quick international shipping. Contact our customer service department at 866-225-2112, live chat, or [email protected] for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What are custom zipper pouches?
Custom zipper pouches are flexible packaging solutions made to order, featuring a resealable zipper for easy access.
What material options are available for small zipper pouches?
We offer a variety of materials, including plastic, foil, kraft paper, and more for small zipper pouches.
Can I customize the size of the small zipper pouches?
Yes, absolutely! We can create small zipper pouches in various sizes to accommodate your product dimensions perfectly.
Are custom zipper pouches resealable?
Yes, all our custom zipper pouches come with a resealable zipper closure.