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Custom-shaped mylar bags give the most attractive appearance for your product storage. These bags are ideal for maintaining the freshness, safety, and flavor of your food. Using this gorgeous uniquely shaped bag, you can store your food, medicine, dog treats, cosmetics, gifts, or even liquid items wonderfully. The different designs in custom sizes provide a personal touch. We do our best to customize the size of the bag to ensure that it can hold the right quantity of items. Custom mylar bags in unique shapes are UV resistant, tamper-resistant and come in either one or two-sided designs. We adhere to the highest quality requirements when manufacturing our mylar bags in the United States. Moreover, we offer small-sized mylar bags to store smaller items safely. Purchase customized mylar bags today and enjoy the convenience of having high-quality, stylish bags!

custom shaped mylar bags

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Quality Printing & Excellent Finishing at the Lowest Cost

You may also choose from a selection of designs, colors, and trends that best compliment your packaged items. You may accurately regulate the print's gloss, matte, holographic, and other qualities with these bags. Metallic foil, gloss, and matte printing can all be utilized in conjunction with one another. These feature the most incredible print quality, the thickest material, and the lowest unit cost.

Unique Shaped Mylar for Versatile Applications

We can make unique shapes and designs that your customers demand to store small things. We provide a wide range of die-cut mylar bag sizes and styles to meet all your bag requirements. These bags preserve the flavor of different foods and beverages while keeping them at a safe temperature. The shape is also flexible, so things can easily fit in your customers' luggage if they plan for a picnic.

Get Customization & Design of Your Choice

Products inside custom design mylars can sell too fast because they look unique. Every business knows about its customers better than others. Brands employ special packaging designs with impressive shapes to attract customers, increase brand recognition, and better fulfill their function. With custom-designed mylar bags, you may accurately regulate the print's gloss, matte, holographic, and other qualities. These coating and finishing options can all be utilized in conjunction with one another.

Unique Features That Turn into Big Sales

Made from puncture-resistant mylar material, our unique-shaped bags come with child-resistant zippers and are perfectly light-proof. Overall, these customizable mylar bags feature the most incredible print quality, the thickest material, and the lowest unit cost. In addition, you can choose custom sizes, shapes, and color options to ensure that you get the perfect bag for your product.

Maximum Safety of Products

A wide range of commodities, including dry foods, health foods, cosmetics, and toiletries, may be packed and sold directly to customers using a particular packaging design. These reusable zipper bags resist oxygen from entering and spoiling food items. Furthermore, the flexible packaging material can be filled safely and labeled to create your brand identity.

Choose Our Packaging to Save Big

Half Price Packaging offers all kinds of special-shaped mylar bags to bundle and securely hold products. Our unique mylar pouches are perfect for protecting food and other items. And we can also provide suitcase boxes in various sizes and shapes that fit your needs. Additionally, our discount on bulk orders makes it easy to order online. We have bags for every product, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, so you can find something that works for your business.

Submit your mylar bags order in custom shape by filling out the form above and entering your desired size, shape, and printing design. Just make a call (866-225-2112) or email at [email protected] and we can meet all your requirements.  We can also make die-cut mylar bags in custom designs.

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Why Us?

From dog treats to cosmetics, we can make mylar bags for every shape and design in bulk quantity. We can make various sizes depending on the nature and requirements of your products. Furthermore, we provide a variety of bag sizes to meet the demands of your business. Several sizes and food-grade quality aluminum mylar bags are also available to keep your food fresh for longer.

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Keep Your Small Food & Medicines Fresh For Long

Mylar bags protect your items from moisture and pests while keeping the taste and flavor fresh. They're also perfect for conveying your brand message. These uniquely shaped mylar bags will keep your customer's belongings and food fresh for a long time. They are also used to preserve nutrients like supplements and natural juices. Half Price Packaging ensures you get the most out of your investment. Because of its appealing finish, barrier features, and cost advantages for new businesses, custom mylar pouches help brand owners with small food items improve brand recognition.

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