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Product Overview

Custom print mylar bags are small, translucent plastic bags designed for holding food and other items during transportation. Mylar bags are commonly used for candy and party favors. In the United States, it is extremely difficult to purchase custom mylar bags without breaking the law since mylar bags can only be purchased from authorized distributors. Many retailers have created websites dedicated to selling custom mylar bags, but these sites are often unapproved by law enforcement authorities.
Half Price Packaging offers mylar bags that are durable, lightweight, and can be custom printed with your image or logo. Our packaging materials are approved by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). We print on low-cost, tear-resistant quality mylar for your retail needs. 

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Non-Shrinkable Mylar Bags

Our custom direct print mylar bags are made from 100% virgin pulp mylar and printed with UV-resistant ink. Moreover, our printing process ensures our custom mylar bags will not shrink over time, tear, or discolor, so you can count on them forever.

Signature Custom Packaging For More Reach For Your Brand

Choosing the right design is crucial, as the bottom gusset imparts stability to the pouch, allowing it to stand upright effectively. Our mylar bags are equipped with resealable features, including stand-up block bottom bags, central or offset back seals, and other attributes perfect for snack packaging. We also offer standard mylar bags, custom prints, and pouches in a stand-up pouch style, ensuring they can stand independently.

Moreover, you can order them in various designs, configurations, or without hanging holes or tear notches. This empowers you to tailor your pouch to align precisely with your application or display needs, providing optimal support and ensuring it stands upright.

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We deliver exceptional value for your investment through our selection of premium printed biscotti mylar bags in the USA at budget-friendly prices. We offer complimentary shipping within the USA, Canada, and Australia and generous discounts for bulk orders. Our comprehensive offerings include free design assistance, low minimum order quantities (MOQs), instant custom quotes, swift deliveries, and around-the-clock customer support to guarantee a seamless experience. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email at or call 866-225-2112 for immediate assistance.

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