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Storing food in bulk quantities is easier than ever with our 5 gallon mylar bags. Half Price Packaging creates the strongest mylar bags using resilient non-reactive materials. These tamper-proof and odor-resistant 5 gallon mylar food storage bags keep the food protected from all sorts of damaging factors. They prevent oxygen, moisture, light, and heat from interacting with the packaged contents, and thus increase their shelf life. 

You can place 5 gallon bucket mylar bags in the buckets to preserve bulk food for the longest time. We also provide resealable bags with zippers for maximum ease. Our advanced custom printing ensures the finest labeling on these pouches. You can order mylar bags 5 gallon in small quantities or place bulk orders to get extra discounts. We provide free and fast shipping to give you the best experience. 

5 gallon mylar bags

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Economical yet effective bulk food storage Solution

5 gallon mylar bags for food storage are the ideal choice for people who want to preserve bulk quantities of food for the longest time. These ultra-resilient mylar 5 gallon bags are highly cost-effective at Half Price Packaging and will last you a lifetime. We utilize the strongest yet flexible materials to create highly protective, tamper-evident, and odor proof 5 gallon mylar bag pouches that preserve the freshness and nutrients of the packaged food for years. 

Preserve food for ages without any hassle

Storing and preserving bulk food has been made easier than ever with 5 gallon bucket mylar bags. Pack rice, grains, or other bulk food items in mylar bags for 5 gallon buckets to protect them from oxygen, moisture, heat, light, and insects and increase their shelf life. Seal them with a flat iron or order resealable 5 gallon mylar bags food storage with zip locks for maximum ease. Get custom printed labels and logos on them as per your requirement.

Get valuable favors and discounts offers

Half Price Packaging offers maximum value to its clients with various value-added favors like wholesale discounts on bulk purchases of 5 gallon mylar bags as well as large mylar bags and free shipping to the USA, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, we maintain low MOQs and ensure quick, secure, and economical worldwide deliveries. Our customer support agents are available 24/7 to serve and guide you. Contact us via email at or call 866-225-2112 for assistance. 

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging provides custom mylar packaging solutions that are highly beneficial to manufacturers of food and herbal products. Our mylar bags protect food from oxygen, moisture, and light impact. We can make various sizes depending on the nature and requirements of your products. For instance, you may order the most frequently used 3.5g mylar packaging bags that give your customers the best value for money. Because of their appealing finish, barrier features, and cost advantages for new businesses; custom mylar pouches support brand owners who deal with small food products in improving their brand recognition.

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Keep Your Food Products Fresh & Healthy For Long

The water-resistant Mylar bags have interlocking zip closures that allow you to repeatedly open and close the bags. The mylar packaging hemp bags can be used to keep a range of household items in the kitchen. These may include food, tea, coffee, herbs, etc. In addition, various sizes and food-grade quality aluminum mylar bags are available to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. We create robust silver aluminum mylar packets that have been heat-sealed and include a tear notch for easy opening. A vacuum heat sealer is employed to seal the premium mylar bags carefully. Pack your flowers in 100% recyclable bags that retain all beautiful features while displaying your company's philosophy. Take your company's sustainability to the next level.

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