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Learn More About 3.5 Mylar Bags

The Material Magic Behind Our (Built to Preserve) 3.5 gram Bags

The product can’t be compromised, so our experts at Half Price Packaging designed 3.5-gram Mylar bags using a multi-material symphony to ensure optimal protection and functionality.

The foundation of our mylar bags lies in metallized Mylar film creating a fortress against light, air, and moisture. This innovative material offers exceptional puncture resistance and tear strength. The metallized layer also acts as a light barrier, preserving the product from degrading. We prioritize safety and use only food-grade materials in our construction.

But functionality is key, too. We incorporate a resealable zipper closure, often made from a durable plastic or nylon blend. This allows for easy access and multiple uses while maintaining the airtight seal and preventing unwanted spills. Our  Ziplock Paper Bags With Windows are just the perfect contender for this function. Some of our bags even feature a heat-sealable option for added security and tamper-evident closure.

We have respective options to cater to environmentally conscious customers and ensure responsible product disposal. Take, for instance, our partially sustainable Mylar bag, which is composed of PET and brown Kraft paper.

Strengthen Your Brand Recognition with Our User Centric Printing & Finishing

At Half Price Packaging, we have refined our design to the utmost precision with our standard operating procedures. There’s no way our designed products are left untouched by users.

Our state-of-the-art printing lets you break free from color limitations. We offer a variety of printing techniques, including CMYK, PMS, offset, and digital printing. This ensures complete detail, from intricate logos to high-resolution product photos. Interested in minimalist design without compromising on functionality? Then, consider different printing coverage options. This includes

  1. 1/4 color printing to display basic information

  2. 2/4 color printing for unique patterns

  3. Full 4/4 color printing for a complete color profile

You can also incorporate unique patterns or showcase your product with artistic imagery. We have special finishes to further reinforce the appeal of the product. We have metallic foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to make your logo or key information gleam. The spot UV finish can be used to highlight specific design elements on your bags, like a strain name or a terpene profile.

If a distinctive look is your priority, consider our Holographic Mylar Bags.

Visualize Your Design With Our Customization Options

With innovations happening every single day, the customization possibilities in packaging continue to grow as well.

Whether you're dealing with a micro-dose or a mega-batch, Half Price Packaging has the ideal bag size to accommodate your specific needs. Choose from compact Vacuum Seal Weed Bags perfect for smaller quantities, or opt for pound bags for larger-scale operations. Apart from size and shape, we have more ways to customize your packaging ideas. We offer a variety of bag styles to suit your needs. You can select from resealable pouches for longer product freshness or child-resistant options that prioritize safety practices. One can also incorporate a  custom zipper closure for a more satisfactory and hassle-free experience.

Functionality can also be further improved with our add-on features for 3.5 gram bags. Make sure to insert tear notches for easy opening or rounded corners for a more refined product experience.

Lower the Competition Barrier By Partnering With Us!

Competition in packaging is fierce, and if you dislike pushback, partnering with Half Price Packaging can significantly lower the barrier to entry. This will allow you to achieve a greater return on your efforts.

We offer:

  1. Free samples & mockups to visualize your ideal design.

  2. Fast turnaround times to get your packaging quickly.

  3. Exceptional customer service for a smooth experience.

Lowest minimums, free design assistance, and bulk discounts make us your suitable packaging collaborator for custom 3.5 gram bags.

After the consultation of your intended design, our packaging procedure will take over the role, ensuring you get what you asked for in a reliable and cost-effective way. For further queries on Kraft Mylar Bags, you can get in touch with us at 866-225-2112, [email protected], or through our live chat service. We are available around the clock.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

How long will my product stay fresh in a 3.5 gram mylar bag?
The initial quality of the product, proper storage conditions (temperature, humidity), and the type of mylar used influence the shelf life. However, our high-quality mylar bags can significantly extend shelf life by weeks or even months compared to other packaging options.
Are 3.5 gram mylar bags resealable?
Yes, our 3.5 gram mylar bags come with a heat-sealable closure or a zip-lock mechanism. This allows for easy opening and closing, which is helpful for measured use while also maintaining freshness over time.
What size are 3.5 gram mylar bags?
While they are designed to hold approximately 3.5 grams, the exact dimensions of mylar bags can vary slightly.
Can I use 3.5 gram mylar bags for non-cannabis products?
Absolutely! Mylar bags are a versatile packaging solution ideal for various products susceptible to light, moisture, or air degradation. They are commonly used for storing coffee, tea, herbs, spices, and other dry goods.
Are 3.5 gram weed bags legal in my area?
Legality surrounding mylar bags can vary depending on your location and the intended use. While the bags themselves are not inherently illegal, some areas may have restrictions on packaging products like cannabis.