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Product Overview

3.5 mylar bags make the best packaging solution for preserving small amounts of food, herbs, nuts, coffee, cannabis flowers, and various other products. These little pouches are made with high-strength plastic and aluminum foil and feature a resealable zipper. Our tamper-evident mylar bags 3.5 keep the packaged content preserved for ages by cutting the flow of moisture, oxygen, heat, and light into the pouch. You can have custom 3.5 mylar bags in a variety of styles, designs, and colors for effective performance and great branding.

- 3.5 mylar bags size with dimensions 3.62*5 and 4*5 inches
- 4 mil thickness per side and 8 mils for double sides
- Flat bottom, stand-up gusset, and window mylar bag options
- Feature a high-quality resealable zipper lock
- A tear-notch for easy opening
- Can be heat-sealed with an impulse sealer
- Vacuum sealing
- Smooth round edges to avoid scratching
- Tamper-evident, airtight, waterproof, and child-resistant
- Keep the odor locked inside 
- Puncture-proof bags 
- Flexible and user-friendly

3.5 mylar bags

Learn More About 3.5 Mylar Bags

The Secret Weapon for Long-Term Product Preservation

Half Price Packaging creates the finest quality custom mylar bags 3.5 using high-strength, hygienic, and non-reactive materials. Our ultra-resilient bags provide great insulation to the packaged contents from oxygen, moisture, light, and heat. They preserve the nutrients of the food and keep it safe, fresh, and potent for years. You can preserve coffee, nuts, herbs, medicines, and various other products in these mylar bags 3.5 grams and increase their shelf-life. 

Our resealable mylar bags 3.5 are a great alternative to vacuum sealing. The zip-lock feature allows easy resealability after opening. Being odor resistant and child-proof, our reliable mylar bags make the perfect choice for marijuana packaging.

Puncture-Resistant Bags for the Safest Product Transfers

The thick foil laminated layer of our high-strength custom 3.5 mylar bags makes them highly protective and thus a perfect choice for shipping products. These metalized double-layered plastic bags are extremely thin and flexible, while also being durable and strong. 

They are puncture-resistant and can easily withstand all damaging conditions during shipping. Their tamper-evident nature protects the packaged contents from all external factors. The heavy-duty zipper allows resealability for a reusable storage solution. You can also heat seal them with an impulse sealer. Our tamper-evident exotic 3.5 mylar bags are flexible and easy to use. They have a tear-notch above the zipper for easy opening.

Custom Designs and Styles for Effective Marketing

Mylar bags become an attention-grabbing marketing tool when customized creatively with vibrant designs and colors. We make the best exotic 3.5 mylar bags with advanced full-color printing of your custom-designed artwork, logos, and brand details. You can have gold, silver, and holographic foiled bags to make your products steal the spotlight among the rest. 

However, you can also add a spot UV effect on the bags to highlight your branding. We provide stand-up gusset, flat bottom, and window mylar bags 3.5 wholesale at the lowest rates. Different kinds of coatings can be done on them such as gloss, matte, and silk. Smooth round corners and a tear-notch feature are added to the holographic mylar bags for a user-friendly appeal.

Great Discounts, Valuable Offers, and Efficient Services

Half Price Packaging provides great discounts and perks to give you the best value for your money. We maintain affordable rates and provide additional discounts on mylar bags 3.5 wholesale orders. Moreover, our shipping services are free for the USA, Canada, and Australia. We offer unlimited design customizations and provide free design support from our creative experts. Our low MOQs fulfill your small packaging requirements. 

Moreover, we ensure quick, secure, and economical worldwide deliveries. Get your quote now and talk to our customer support agents for help. Email us at or call 866-225-2112 to connect instantly.

Product Features:

Size and Color: Customizable
Capacity: 3.5 grams
Material: Aluminum and Plastic
Printing: CMYK, PMS, No Printing (plain)
Coatings: Gloss, Matte, Silk, Crystal UV, and Liquid UV
Extra Finishes: Gold/Silver Foiling, Holographic Foiling, Spot UV, Spot Gloss, etc.
Add On: Window patching, Tear-notch, Round corners, etc.

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