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Custom Design & Finishing Options as You Want

Advertise your marijuana pre-rolls with custom-printed cannabis blunt packaging. In the fast-increasing cannabis sector, we can produce distinctive packaging for your marijuana & cannabis products. We can help you build the custom packaging you need.

They may be personalized with one-of-a-kind die cuts to create a paper box with a window and coatings that showcase your cannabis items, increasing the perceived value of your goods at a minimal cost. We provide various finishing options to enhance custom boxes of blunts, such as superior embossing/debossing, silver/gold foil stamping, and brilliant spot colors.

Strong, Sturdy, and Durable

Wrap up your buds in style with our ultra-strong boxes of blunt wraps. Built to withstand even the toughest pressures, these cookie-shaped packaging solutions are the perfect way to keep your cannabis and marijuana products safe and sound.

Custom blunt wraps are a fantastic means of expressing yourself, whether you want to add creativity to your smoking routine or make a bold statement. Additionally, they make for a fun and distinctive gift option for the smokers you know.

Trust us, and your customers will thank you for keeping their delicate goodies in tip-top shape with our unique and interesting custom printed blunt wraps packaging.

Spread Your Brand with Half Price Packaging

You may save time and work by selecting from a range of pre-designed sample box designs we offer. However, if you have a specific design, please let us know, and we will make it accordingly. In addition to the high-quality printed child resistant blunt packaging, we use eco-friendly materials for boxes to combat global warming issues and save our beloved planet.

 Need the scoop on these blunt boxes? Drop a line to [email protected] or dial 866-225-2112 to score your very own blunt box today!

Frequently asked questions

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Do You Offer Customization Options, or Only Pre-Made Blunt Wrap Boxes?
We provide you with the flexibility to choose between customization, allowing the creation of blunt boxes tailored precisely to your preferences, or the exploration of our pre-made samples, enabling you to discover a design that aligns with your needs.
How Can I Request a Price Quote?
To obtain a price quote for blunt boxes, you can communicate your specifications through live chat, email, or by using our contact options.
What's the Typical Delivery Time Frame?
Our standard process, which encompasses printing, production, and delivery, usually takes approximately 8 to 10 business days. For precise delivery times, we recommend contacting our packaging customer representative.
How Do CMYK and Pantone (PMS) Colors Differ?
CMYK combines four colors to create a broad spectrum, resembling the mixing of paint. In contrast, Pantone (PMS) offers precise, solid colors, ensuring an exact match within a single hue.
What Material Options Are Available to You?
We offer three primary material choices: cardboard stock, corrugated cardboard stock, and rigid stock, known for its exceptional durability.