Learn More About Sleeved Mailer boxes

What's So Special About Our Sleeve Mailer Boxes?

Half Price Packaging manufactures sleeved mailer boxes out of two materials; a light paper material covers the outer surface of the box, whereas the box itself is made out of corrugated cardboard. These unique sleeve boxes will allow the printing on a specific sleeve rather than the whole box, thereby reducing the consumption of time, raw materials, and costs. So, you can truly expect fast printing for the bulk orders without any margin of error.

Sleeved Mailer Box Provides The Perfect Packaging For Soaps

The soap sleeves packaging trend has been growing exponentially in the market. Our clients can order customized soap sleeve packaging. Available in various vibrant and subtle colors, sleeves packaging is indeed a fast solution to your specific product requirements, specifically the maximum degree of product advertisement.

Try Our Unique Customization Facility

Our commendable customization facility allows the packaging of the products according to the clients' tastes, interests, and needs. With a minimum printing cost, the custom sleeved mailer boxes will serve as a money-saving tactic to provide ease and convenience to customers. Sleeves are designed to fit the outer packaging of any product of a wide array of dimensions. Our services are available at all times to ensure precise customization. We employ PMS and CMYK color templates and surface coatings such as aqueous, matt, gloss, and UV to make the packaging box looks mouthwatering. Not just sleeved mailer packaging; our tuck top mailer boxes are also equally popular among the market's leading brands.  

We Never Fail To Satisfy Our Customers

We try our best to provide a speedy and permanent yet satisfactory remedial to any reported issues. We encourage customers to place their trust in us so we may work with high efficiency to keep up with the clients' expectations. We provide sleeved mailer boxes wholesale at economical rates. Our staff is available 24/7, easily approachable through a simple call on 866-225-2112 or an email at [email protected]

The official website of Half Price Packaging has also introduced the comment section where the customers are requested to type their honest comments about the products and services. Our growth is based on the foundation of true customer care. You can place your orders at www.halfpricepackaging.com.  

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What makes the sleeved mailer boxes unique compared to regular mailer boxes?
The sleeved mailer boxes have an additional protective sleeve that slides over the main box. This provides an extra layer of protection and offers a unique unboxing experience and a stylish presentation.
Can I have different designs on the box and its sleeve?
Absolutely! You can customize both the box and its sleeve with distinct designs. This offers a layered branding approach and an opportunity for more creative presentations.
Can I get a prototype or a mockup of the sleeved mailer box packaging before finalizing my order?
Yes, with our advanced 3D design studio, you can visualize your design and make necessary adjustments before the production phase.
Do custom sleeved mailer boxes take longer to produce due to their dual-layer design?
While the sleeved design involves an additional component, our cutting-edge production processes ensure timely completion of orders without compromising on quality.
Are sleeved mailer boxes suitable for all types of products?
Sleeved mailer boxes are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of products. Their design makes them particularly appealing for luxury items, subscription boxes, or any product where presentation is key.