Learn More About Mailer Boxes with Tear Strip

Lamination Like Never Before!

We provide a range of coating and lamination options for tear strip envelopes, including Aqueous Coating, UV Coating, Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, Varnish, Lamination, Anti-scratch Lamination, and Soft Touch / Silk Lamination.

Aqueous Coating offers a water-based finish for enhanced durability and gloss. UV Coating involves ultraviolet light for rapid drying and heightened protection. Spot Gloss UV entails selective glossy highlights for focused visual impact.

Soft Touch Coating offers a velvety tactile feel and minimizes fingerprints.

Varnish provides a glossy, protective layer.

Lamination involves bonding a plastic film for durability and aesthetics. Anti-scratch Lamination enhances resilience against abrasions.

Soft Touch / Silk Lamination combines a silky texture with protective lamination.

Each option delivers distinct characteristics catering to diverse needs, from texture to durability and aesthetics.

Precision Printing: Digital Offset, CMYK, and Pantone Expertise

Our printing services encompass cutting-edge techniques for diverse needs. Digital offset printing ensures high-quality results with precise color reproduction and sharp details for your tear strip box. Using the CMYK color model, we achieve a broad spectrum of shades by combining cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. This method suits various applications, from brochures to posters.

Moreover, we excel in Pantone printing, employing the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to replicate exact colors. This is crucial for maintaining a consistent brand identity and producing vibrant visuals. Our technical prowess guarantees accurate Pantone color reproduction, assuring your design appears as intended.

With an array of printing options, including digital offset, CMYK, and Pantone, we deliver unparalleled results that meet your precise specifications and elevate your printed materials to new heights of excellence.

Eco-Ink Innovation: Exploring Soy-Based Options

Experience environmentally friendly printing with our soy-based inks. Derived from renewable soybean oil, these inks exhibit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and minimize air pollution. Their quick-drying properties enhance productivity while reducing energy consumption. Our soy-based inks maintain exceptional color vibrancy and sharpness, ensuring your Mailer boxes with Tear Strip are visually stunning.

Soy-based inks also possess efficient paper penetration, producing optimal ink adhesion and minimal show-through. Opting for these inks contributes to sustainable practices without compromising print quality. Embrace the future of printing with our innovative soy-based ink solutions that balance environmental responsibility and top-notch results.

Versatile Printing Substrates: CCNB, Kraft Papers, and More

Discover a range of premium printing materials for your boxes.

Our offerings include CCNB for a smooth and vibrant finish, Natural Brown Kraft for an eco-friendly and rustic touch, and White Kraft for a clean and elegant look.

Bleached kraft paper offers a refined background, while Black Kraft adds a bold and sophisticated edge to your designs.

These materials ensure excellent print quality and ink absorption, resulting in stunning visuals. Whether you seek sustainability, sophistication, or vibrancy, our assortment of CCNB, Kraft papers, and specialty options cater to your unique printing requirements with exceptional versatility and impact.

Elevate Your Products: Explore Our Array of Add-Ons

Enhance your Mailer boxes with Tear Strip visual and functional appeal with our diverse add-ons. Die cuts provide intricacy and uniqueness, shaping your materials in captivating ways. Inserts offer additional information or surprises within your designs, engaging your audience further. Cushions add a layer of protection, ensuring your products arrive pristine. Compartments create organized spaces, perfect for packaging and displays.

Our range of add-ons empowers you to craft memorable experiences for your recipients. Precision die cuts bring dimensionality to your designs, while inserts can hold anything from promotional materials to product samples. Cushions safeguard delicate items during transit, and compartments bring order to packaging.

Explore Our Special Finishes

Transform your tear strips into captivating works of art with our specialized finishes.

Cold Foil Printing adds a metallic allure, catching the eye from every angle.

Blind Embossing creates a subtle yet tactile elegance, bringing a unique dimension to your designs. Registered Embossing aligns precisely with printed elements, achieving a professional look.

Combination Embossing merges different textures for an exceptional tactile and visual impact.

Window Patching showcases your product while keeping it secure.

These special finishes bring sophistication and creativity to your prints, ensuring they stand out in a crowded market. Our finishes elevate your prints to new levels of excellence.

Tailored Precision: Our Advanced Customization Range

Experience our technical prowess with an array of intricate customizations. Variable data printing personalized content efficiently, while QR Codes enhance interactive engagement. Holographic embellishments add futuristic allure, and thermochromic inks respond to temperature changes. Choose specialty coatings like soft-touch for tactile luxury. Our precision laser cutting ensures intricate designs and 3D embossing brings depth.

UV spot printing accentuates specific elements, and micro perforations enable easy tear-outs. These advanced customizations, driven by cutting-edge techniques, cater to your specific needs, elevating your designs with a technical finesse that stands out.

Avail of All the Perks!

We ensure that our clients are satisfied by providing premium quality packaging that matches the individuality of their products. We also provide wholesale packaging solutions. Furthermore, we offer free shipping throughout the United States, Australia, and Canada. We also offer free design samples. Make your brand stand out by using our boxes. Get a personalized quotation and submit your orders right away.