Learn More About Black Kraft Boxes

Crafting Strength and Style With Our Cardstock Options

Our commitment to functionality starts with the materials we carefully handpicked for the job.

Our standard black box packaging utilizes a sturdy cardstock base, providing a solid foundation for your products. This material is ideal for everyday shipping needs, offering reliable protection against bumps and minor crushing during transit. For heavier items, we offer a thicker cardstock option that reinforces strength and rigidity, ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition. For such purposes, we have cardboard and corrugated options.

Need a luxurious look? Consider our foil cardstock material. This metallic sheen creates a visually impactful presentation. Further, our crisp and clean white cardstock will do the perfect job if you prefer a modern or classic aesthetic vibe.

For minimizing the carbon footprint of the packaging process we also got you covered. Our Kraft Paper offers a natural, earthy vibe and is perfect for brands seeking a minimalist or organic aesthetic. It's a cost-effective choice and is perfect for the wholesale purposes.

Presentable Black Boxes: Our Printing & Finishing Expertise

Takes your black packaging boxes from ordinary to extraordinary with Half Price Packaging extensive printing and finishing capabilities. We believe that brand recognition starts with something that effortlessly hooks the attention of the user and visual appeal is one way to make it a reality.

There are no limitations when it comes to color palettes. Choose from the standard CMYK and PMS systems for a reliable color match. Our printing techniques, including offset and digital methods, ensure vibrant colors and crisp lines, guaranteeing flawless reproduction of even the most intricate & complex design patterns. You can also select from:

  1. 1/4 color printing for a minimalist visual

  2. 2/4 color printing for a classic look

  3. 4/4 color printing for full-color impact

Furthermore, we offer a selection of finishing touches for aesthetics. Our protective lamination, like anti-scratch, ensures a clean look, while coating options build durability or a unique textured feel. From matte finishes for a sophisticated look to glossy finishes for a high-impact presentation, we will equip the black box with every necessary packaging solution.

Tailor-Made Black Boxes: Perfect Fit for Your Needs

At Half Price Packaging, we offer a wide range of customization options for your black packaging boxes. We ingrained this concept because we believe that you should have complete autonomy when it comes to personalized packaging themes.

More Than Just The Square!

A square is the one shape that comes to mind when a box is mentioned. But there are more options that need your attention. Our designers offer a variety of box shapes to suit your specific needs. Rectangular boxes are ideal for displaying long, slender products, while cube-shaped kraft gift boxes create a modern look. No matter your product or design vision, we have the shape to match.

Function & Style:

Choose from a range of box styles to meet your functionality needs. You can choose Display Lid Boxes for see through presentation combined with the bold black, or consider  Custom Two Piece Boxes for easy product access. We also offer options with internal dividers to keep multiple items organized within the box.

Find the Perfect Fit:

Half Price Packaging brings a variety of sizes to ensure your products are perfectly housed within the box. No more wasted space or frustration with items that don't quite fit! Tell us your product dimensions, and we'll help you find the ideal box size for a secure and professional presentation.

The Finishing Touches:

It's easy to miss trees when fixating on the entire forest at once. This is where our add-ons play their role to amplify the overall look of custom kraft boxes. If you need an elegant looking product you can opt for ribbons or tissue papers. You can also add custom printed inserts with product information or branding messages.

Your Packaging Vision & Our Tailored Perfect Customer Service

Half Price Packaging offers crucial and most important features to black boxes for packaging and you:

Lowest MOQs:

Start small and scale up. We have flexible minimum order quantities to fit your needs.

Free Design Assistance:

Our design team helps you create the perfect black boxes to represent your brand.

Bulk Discounts:

Save big on larger orders with our black packaging boxes bulk offer.

Free Samples & 3D Mockups:

Visualize your design before you order with free samples and 3D mockups.

Quick Turnaround:

Get your black boxes fast so you can keep your business moving.

So get a FREE QUOTE today and experience firsthand our expert packaging solution to create the perfect black packaging boxes wholesale offer.

Do you have Queries or Need Help?

You can chat with us live, drop us an email at [email protected], or give us a ring at 866-225-2112.

Black Packaging Boxes = Double Win Scenario

Imagine this: your customer excitedly peels back the sleek black mailer, anticipation building with every inch. Inside, nestled securely, is your product – but the presentation doesn't stop there. Our black packaging box is built to perform its job. It's crafted from high-quality cardstock made with recycled content. Black boxes packaging from Half Price Packaging offer a double win: customer expectations are met, which converts them into valuable resources for your business & commitment goal to sustainability that adheres to your values. It's a win for the planet, a win for your brand image, and a win for your customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Are black boxes good for shipping?
Absolutely! Black boxes are a popular choice for shipping due to their durability and ability to hide minor scratches or scuffs that might occur during transit.
Can I print my logo and other branding elements on the black boxes?
Yes! Half Price Packaging offers a wide range of printing options that allow you to customize your black boxes with your logo, company name, contact details, or even product information. This creates a cohesive brand experience and eliminates the need for separate inserts.
What are the different closure options for black boxes?
We offer a variety of closure options to suit your needs. Clear lid boxes provide a classic presentation, while two-piece boxes with tucked flaps offer easy product access. We can also discuss options directly with our design experts.
Do black boxes come in different materials?
Yes, we offer a selection of high-quality cardstock materials for our black boxes. The standard option provides a sturdy base for everyday shipping, while thicker cardstock is available for heavier items. We also have cardstock with matte or subtle gloss finishes to amplify the perceived value of your products.
What is the minimum order quantity for black boxes?
Half Price Packaging offers competitive minimum order quantities for black boxes, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes. You are encouraged to contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive an instant design quote.