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Marijuana and cannabis call for sturdy and reliable packaging! Our odor and moisture-resistant custom boxes keep your cannabis products fresh for as long as possible. From lovely aesthetics to professional branding, outclass finishing, and thrilling add-on options to mesmeric typography – our Marijuana and cannabis packaging make your item noticeable from far even at the very first glance. Order your long-lasting, top-quality wholesale cannabis boxes to obtain a distinguished place among competitors!

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Top-Quality Custom Marijuana Packaging at An Affordable Budget Plan

When designing weed packaging, we consider a balance between safety, compliance, product preservation, branding, and environmental responsibility. Half Price Packaging believes that the choice of packaging materials plays a significant role in shaping consumers' perceptions of the product and the marijuana brand. With a highly skilled team, we bring individuality to your packaging.

Considering cannabis is a susceptible medicinal product, our child proof marijuana packaging comes in various forms, styles, and sizes to best fit your item and keep it safe from losing its potency, aroma, and flavor.

Our hand-picked marijuana packaging materials – chosen based on factors like product type, intended use, branding, and regulatory requirements – are designed to securely contain and preserve cannabis products while also complying with legal and safety regulations. We keep all aspects under check, including box manufacture, design, and presentation of descriptive content. After all, there are various legislative requirements for specialist packaging.

Mylar Pouches and Bags

Our flexible mylar pouches and bags made from materials like mylar are used for packaging various cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, and concentrates. These pouches often have resealable closures to maintain freshness and effectiveness.

Why Choose Our Marijuana Cartridge Packaging?

The unbelievably varied range of marijuana and cannabis products available in this market presents an important question: How can these items be packaged to appeal to customers and convince them to choose your company's products over competitors' while being tamper-evident and/or child-resistant? Half Price Packaging has all your answers with its safe and durable packaging for your growing marijuana business. We steer you in the right direction to choosing the most suitable packaging for each product.

Regulation and Compliance:

Our meticulous packaging ensures adherence to legal regulations, such as age restrictions, child resistant packaging, and labeling requirements in regions where marijuana is legal.

Branding and Differentiation:

In legal markets, our exclusively branded paper marijuana packaging serves as a means of marketing and differentiation for brands. It enables your products to build exceptional identities while adhering to marketing regulations.

Product display matters more than the product itself most of the time!

Product Safety and Quality:

The sturdiness of materials coupled with fool-proof closures and convenient box styles offer protection to the product from contamination, moisture, and deterioration. This is decisive to preserve cannabis quality and strength as well as safety for consumers.

Dosage and Information:

With our marijuana packaging labels, stickers, and hang tags, you can provide essential information about cannabinoid content, recommended dosage, strain type, THC/CBD content, and potential effects/risks on the packaging. This empowers consumers to make informed decisions about consumption, reducing the risk of overuse. Moreover, well-designed packaging can convey health-related information, such as warnings and interactions with other substances.


If you care for your children, you must opt for our marijuana cartridge packaging with advanced locking mechanisms that prevent kids’ and pets’ access, ensuring that marijuana products are kept out of reach. You can also have a marijuana packaging design with additional features to prevent tampering and counterfeiting.

Environmentally Friendly Options:

As environmental concerns grow, we have shifted towards eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recyclable boxes or Kraft bags. We promise to minimize the environmental impact of our custom marijuana packaging wholesale with sustainable practices.

Do you want to show your buyers how responsible citizens you are? We bring you biodegradable packaging where not only materials but also ink and printing techniques are modified to keep the planet safe.

Customize Your Packaging Design the Way You Like!

When making custom weed packaging, creativity should be necessary!

Half Price Packaging has all the skills in its arsenal to create marijuana edible packaging and cannabis cartridge packaging for you in any size, shape, color, and form. We use CMYK or PMS printing to produce your personalized paper marijuana packaging. To keep all the hues alive and the spectrum of shades expansive, we impose no color limitation. Choose any palette resonating with your branding and we will deliver realistic, clear, sharp, and rich designs.

Avail the golden opportunity of our free design assistance! The knowledgeable and imaginative members at Half Price Packaging offer versatile, original suggestions for designing your marijuana pre roll packaging.

Non-Defective, Totally Customizable Materials

Purchasers go for goods that are not only premium in quality but are also appropriately packed. For the marijuana wholesale packaging you desire, pick from a selection of 14pt to 28pt White SBS C1S C2S cardstocks. The selection of durable yet lightweight materials helps you earn a name in today’s marketplace. You can select from diverse choices offered, including:

  1. Temperature and moisture-resistant corrugated
  2. Kraft (bleached, non-bleached, black) for admirable packaging
  3. Metallic card stock for a modern twist
  4. Rigid for high-end functionality boxes
  5. The finest cardboard stock, etc.

Apart from materials, we offer a multitude of shapes and styles known for their practicality & specialized design – gable, tuck, sleeve and tray, pillow, pie, hexagon, octagon, pyramid, and the list continues!

Garner Attention with Our Amazing Add-Ons & Finishes

Starting from the special finishes, we have gold stamping to make your details stand out and holographic foiling for a cool vibe. Also, spot lass UV and raised spot UV are ideal for bringing subtle elegance. We deliver embossing and debossing services to perfectly complement the poise nature of cannabis. With the use of anti-scratch lamination and aqueous coating, we promise an extra layer of protection. That means, our marijuana gummies packaging can stay safe on display and in transportation from water, dust, and scratches.

Want your packaging to look bright and rich? Go for gloss lamination! These shielding finishes provide the box's outside a smoother appearance while protecting the product from a variety of hazards. Our services go beyond finishes to add-ons which include bows, ribbons, dividers, handles, hang tags, inserts, tissue papers, etc. All are primed for making packaging more convenient, attractive, and functional!

Order Marijuana Bulk Packaging to Create Brand Loyalty

To distinguish yourself from other manufacturers and attract customers, you must be unique. By putting your marijuana in visually stunning and robustly made custom weed packaging, you can also add individuality. Our custom printed marijuana boxes are an ideal way to lionize your product while letting it reflect the brand’s values and product quality. Half Price Packaging treats small and large orders equally and never compromises on quality.

Being a renowned weed packaging company, we offer ideal services and favors to give our clients the best-ever experience. With our packaging, you can avail uncountable benefits, and the topmost is “the safety of your product”.

Talk to us via live chat, email at [email protected], or call 866-225-2112 whenever you need help.

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging with a record of serving 5000+ satisfied clients with a 25-year experience are catering to businesses of all sizes. Our efficient ordering process, quick manufacturing, 3D design studio, low MOQs, and fast worldwide shipping help you receive your packaging in the shortest span. Also, we provide free shipping for wholesale marijuana packaging for Canada, Australia, and USA orders. Our client-first approach has helped us reach a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.6 rating on

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Our highest-quality custom printed marijuana packaging options make it simpler than ever to differentiate your marijuana brand and revitalize your sales. We provide eye-catching cardboard marijuana preroll packaging with your favorite graphics, fonts, and logos that perfectly match the colors of your marijuana business. Our printing processes give more clear and superior results and provide high-quality printing ultimately. You may also look at other coatings, add-ons, and laminations for a punch of luxurious flair.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is your marijuana packaging child-resistant?
Yes, our marijuana packaging is child resistant. Our packaging is carefully reviewed, vetted, and certified in accordance with legal requirements and industry standards to ensure that your products are safe for use and won't endanger children or animals.
What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for marijuana packaging?
Depending on the package style and material you choose, our MOQ is decided. Additionally, you can know the minimum order quantity for customized marijuana cartridge packaging by contacting our representative.
Can I view the finished package before it is produced?
We offer digital proofs that show the box in both a 3D and flat shape so you can see how it will appear after printing and designing. Additionally, you can modify the box style as well as marijuana packaging labels as needed.
Could you show me a sample of a customized marijuana packaging design?
Absolutely, and we recommend you do so before placing a large order! We offer a wide range of sample types on hand to meet diverse use cases and ensure you become clear about your marijuana edible packaging order.
How fast do you make the order delivered?
Orders are now sent within 8 to 10 business days, depending on package selection, quantity, and season. We recommend contacting our custom weed packaging specialists for the most updated turnaround times in order to offer you the most accurate estimate.