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Why settle for standard packaging when your premium chocolate bar deserves high-end packaging? To create a one-of-kind luxury chocolate experience, we help you balance functionality, branding, and sustainability. We think through new ways of packaging to help you stand out in retail competition and achieve your sales goals. From large to small, luxurious to sustainable, subscription to gift boxes - Custom Chocolate Packaging for all!

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100% Food Safe & Structurally Engineered Custom Chocolate Boxes

The world of chocolate is synonymous with “indulgence,” and your packaging should reflect that, too!

The range of customizations available at Half Price Packaging allows you to create custom chocolate packaging boxes that attract and entice your customers. From graceful die cuts lending a touch of artistry to alluring windows offering a tantalizing peek at the delights within, we ensure premium product presentation to maximize shelf impact.

We transform your boxes into a sensory experience by infusing scents and adding unique textures. Our collapsible designs of custom chocolate packaging promise elegance without compromising on functionality, efficient storage, and secure shipping. This personalization can embody your brand's uniqueness, turning your boxes into exquisite masterpieces that intrigue you. Also, Half Price Packaging provides you the option to choose the right size for your chocolate packaging, including large or small chocolate gift boxes.

Choose Durable Yet Sustainable Materials for Good-Tasting Treats

Half Price Packaging offers a comprehensive range of sustainable materials for your chocolate boxes packaging requirements. Whether you need a biodegradable Kraft box or durable cardboard, our diverse stock allows you to craft custom chocolate bar boxes that resonate with your brand's ethos and captivate your audience.

Biodegradable materials strike a balance between elegance and eco-friendliness!

From sturdy CS1 for durability and protection to lightweight paperboard and bux options, you must pick a stock with the right thickness. It ensures your sweet chocolates are embraced by packaging that speaks volumes. If your chocolate needs to cover longer distances in harsher conditions, you need greater thickness to preserve and protect the chocolate not only from environmental conditions but also from handling mishaps.

Half Price Packaging offers its stock material varying from 9pt to 24pt, with thickness enough to meet any safety demands during transit. Moreover, corrugated, Kraft, rigid, and cardboard offer robustness, making them excellent choices for keeping delicate chocolates safe and in their original form during shipping and display.

Give Irresistible Experience of Your Smooth Chocolate with Precision Printed Design

Whether you want your chocolate covered strawberries boxes to showcase vibrant and playful hues or maintain a refined and consistent color palette, our printing techniques guarantee that every detail is exquisitely brought to life. Our printing options, including CMYK, digital printing, and Pantone color systems, cater to your needs. CMYK ensures a wide spectrum of colors to print intricate designs, while Pantone offers accurate color matching for consistent branding. To create stunning visual effects, you can order digital printing for your mushroom chocolate bar packaging. It will reproduce the detail and gradients of the original design.

Our stylish chocolate box design can stir your customers' taste buds!

At Half Price Packaging, we understand that the presentation of your delectable chocolates is paramount. Your chocolates deserve packaging that conveys their allure, and our printing expertise ensures that your boxes become a visual bliss that captures the essence of your brand.

Explore Our Range of Exquisite Finishing to Turn Attention Into Interest

The finishing touches on your empty chocolate box packaging can make all the difference in leaving a lasting impression. We offer an array of finishings that modify your chocolate packaging into a visually marvelous feat. Choose from the following, but the list never ends here:

  1. Glossy finish for a touch of sophistication
  2. Matte finish to evoke a modern outlook of custom chocolate boxes
  3. Embossing or debossing adds depth and texture
  4. Foil and gold stamping oozing opulence
  5. Spot UV highlights intricate design elements

Our finishings are the crowning touch that improves your chocolate packaging boxes while keeping your products protected and presented with flair.

Making “Unboxing” A Cherished Memory for Customers

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, our chocolate gift boxes will make it easy to create a memorable gesture for everyone.

Looking for something similar to the world's finest chocolate old packaging? Select the luxury chocolate packaging boxes that encourage your customers to pick them up and deliver your finest chocolate to their loved ones in something extra special. For instance, you can use our magic mushroom chocolate bar packaging with a die-cut window or eatable custom chocolate bar packaging with hang tags.

Half Price Packaging has the expertise and innovative packaging technology that enables us to control the structure, visuals, and quality of boxes at competitive prices. No matter what your budget and needs for custom chocolate boxes packaging, consult with us, and we have a perfect packaging solution for you. To make your chocolate packaging awe-inspiring, pick the most exquisite style of your packaging boxes, from pillow chocolate boxes to triangular chocolate gift boxes, etc.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to customize every aspect of your chocolate packaging without any hassle.

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Half Price Packaging has served 5000+ satisfied clients and earned high ratings at notable review platforms, including a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.6 rating on It is our customer-centric approach with 25 years of excellence that helps us to deliver unparalleled packaging solutions in the USA, Canada, and Australia. You can get benefits from our additional perks, including free shipping, free design support, and the lowest MOQs.

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Custom Chocolate Bar Packaging To Reassure Them Your Product Is The Right Choice

To create a desire for your chocolates, order our well-thought and intricately designed chocolate packaging with distinctive printing and finishing - personalized to your brand. With the use of the latest techniques, we present your delicious chocolates in a captivating way on the retail shelves. You can get custom chocolate boxes in sustainable Kraft or luxury rigid cardboard material to mitigate your carbon footprint as well. Contact us to get a box in any size, shape, or style with add-ons to sell your sweets in spell-bounding chocolate packaging.

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Frequently asked questions

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How many boxes of customized chocolate must I order?
The chocolate bar packaging type you purchase will determine our minimum order quantity (MOQ). For additional information, get in touch with us by phone or email.
Are the box inserts and packaging for chocolate products safe for consumption?
Yes! To guarantee the greatest quality experience and safety, all of our chocolate packaging solutions are constructed using food grade materials and coatings.
How quick is your turnaround time?
Depending on the package choice, order amount, and season, our current turnaround times range from 2 to 4 weeks. We advise getting in touch with our product specialists for the most recent turnaround times so we can provide you with the most precise estimate.
Do you provide window patching for boxes used to package customized chocolates?
Of course we do! Any sort of packaging may be given clear windows if you want to confidently display your chocolates in stores. To include window patching into your bespoke chocolate box packaging design, speak with a committed product specialist.
Can you provide some sample bespoke chocolate boxes?
Yes, we absolutely can, and we advise you to do so before putting any major production orders! We have a wide range of samples for the chocolate packaging box on hand. If you merely want to order a sample, please call or email our product specialist.