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CBD packing with strong visuals, exceptional styles, appealing typography, a wide range of resealable designs, and unlimited sizes for a multi-sensory experience! Express your brand’s name, explain how to utilize the product, and deliver specific information with our custom CBD packaging that promises safety, compliance, and aesthetics with features such as foil stamping, embossing, windows, perforations, or specialty paper finishes and textures.

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CBD Packaging Boxes Made to The Requirements of Your Valued Customers

If your State has made cannabis consumption legal for medical or recreational purposes, it is high time to get your custom Cannabis boxes. Specifically designed for storing and transporting cannabis and cannabis-related products, our durable, branded, and equally fascinating boxes ensure the freshness, safety, and legal compliance of the products they hold. We create each piece aptly using various design techniques, printing processes, and customer-centric regulations.

Whether you need a box for CBD Edibles, Cosmetics, Oil, Tincture, Medication, Smokables, or any other product, we can deliver the package for you!

Order Your CBD Packaging in Luxurious Materials

Your fragile tincture bottles and edible jars can be damaged by impact, sudden fall, moisture, and sunlight, making the product lose its effectiveness. To keep the cannabis away from outdoor stress, package them in a quality-material, custom dispensary packaging, as it ensures maximum protection during shipping and storage.

Half Price Packaging brings an extensive list of premium stock that helps preserve the product’s herbal properties, potency, aroma, and flavor. Thanks to our sturdy, odor-resistant, moisture-resistant, and long-lasting materials, we promise durability, protection, and a delightful finesse for your items. Cannabis packaging protects the product from adverse weather and breakage. This way customers receive your items in their original condition.

We help our prized clients elevate their brands to the top with custom cannabis bags because we treat small and large orders equally and never sacrifice quality.

Ranging from lightweight Kraft boxes to robust corrugated boxes for heavy-duty packaging to eco-friendly options to metallic card stock laminated with either metallic or holographic foiling to rigid boxes for high-end functionality, all FDA-approved, food-grade materials are suitable for creative branding as we made them customizable in various shapes and styles. A laminated, tear-resistant paperboard is also a favored pick. The options are endless!

Get Recyclable Custom Cannabis Packaging

We produce strong packaging that is not only of the greatest quality but also ecologically sustainable. They help keep the desired smell and moisture content. We utilize sustainable cardboard packaging material to make your custom CBD boxes since we care about the environment.

Exotic Range of Customizations

With unlimited color choices, unique shapes, easy-to-use styles, eye-catching add-ons, and sharp laser printing, cannabis boxes can be perfect to steal the spotlight.

When it comes to customizations, the sky's the limit for our adept designers. You can design your cannabis product packaging with your artwork or pick from our available design options. Moreover, our forte lies in designing exceptional branding boxes. As default procedures, we have die-cutting, gluing, scoring, and perforation.

Half Price Packaging offers art-inspired packaging where we blend artistic imagery to ensure a more immersive experience. Also, we help develop a deeper connection between the buyers and products by adding company or personalized cards.

Select from a variety of 14pt to 24pt thicknesses with White cardstock or SBS material with C1S or C2S options for the boxes you want. Do your products need specialized conditions for temperature regulation or humidity? We provide bespoke boxes for your applications. Further, we make cannabis boxes safer with a variety of closure types, tamper-proof features, and child-resistant seals. They not only keep children safe but also offer more accessible functionality to elders.

Half Price Packaging helps you build your business by providing the best packing boxes in town.

For sophisticated cannabis product packaging, choose spot UV printing or add a gloss or matte finish to these cardboard boxes. The silver or gold foiling on the package offers an extra degree of protection and attraction to the cannabis items within. Furthermore, you can select amazing elements like PVC sheets, raised printing, embossing, or a distinctive window cut-out. If you need, customizable inserts can be used; we manufacture boxes with ample space for branding, messaging, or labeling.

Furthermore, you can select amazing elements like PVC sheets, raised printing, embossing, or a distinctive window cut-out. If you need, customizable packaging inserts can be used; we manufacture boxes with ample space for branding, messaging, or labeling.

Cannabis Packaging Designs with High-End Printing

We provide cutting-edge printing options to make your CBD packaging a style statement. Your customized boxes will be printed using CMYK or PMS processes. Also, we offer free design help, because our educated and creative team members have numerous creative ideas for your boxes. Cannabis candies, oil, pills, lotion, and any other product will look fashionable with custom CBD packaging printing.

The choice of inks is another big plus. We create eye-catching custom weed packaging with your chosen color palette and ink. From photographs and graphics to typography, the hues will surely reflect your brand. Our cannabis packaging delivers a more functional and desirable product.

Contact Us for Value-Added Custom Cannabis Boxes

The competition in the Cannabis industry is ever-increasing. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd you must offer something different and exclusive from the competitors. You can do so by giving your cannabis packaging a visual makeover while promising long-lastingness.

Let us steer you in the right direction to strike the right chords with bespoke cannabis boxes!

Half Price Packaging streamlines the packaging process and ensures that your brand receives the due recognition. This includes various aspects, from finding premium quality sustainable materials to serving all your printing and labeling needs. All to make your brand strong and effective in the CBD industry! Bulk/wholesale cannabis packaging orders are also available at an industry-best price. Provide your clients with extraordinary and secure cannabis packaging that imposes the idea that your products are good quality, safe, and sustainable.

Take advantage of our special offers for discounts on your purchase! You can have cutting-edge custom cannabis bags right now for a meager price. Also, we supply a box flat picture, a 3D mock-up, and physical examples upon request. To contact us, please call 866-225-2112 or send an email to [email protected]

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Why Us?

One of the Half Price Packaging’s most appreciated services is the free custom cannabis packaging design and shipping to clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Our cannibis packaging preserves the product’s strength, extending its shelf-life and shielding it from the elements. With a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot, a record of serving 5000+ happy clients, a quarter-century experience, a client-first approach, and a 4.6 rating on – Half Price Packaging has a wide range of patented and certified solutions for your CBD boxes.

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Custom Packaging Solutions To Match Your Vision

Ensuring your products fulfill your customers’ needs, reflect your brand identity, and maintain maximum product quality is key to standing out from competitors. Our expert packaging engineers help you produce engaging boxes with specialized features for your customers, based on the type of packaging you desire, your shipping requirements, the State’s safety and quality regulations, etc. Need creative guidance for canna packaging? Our squad is incredibly experienced in serving the cannabis industry!

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Frequently asked questions

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Your cannabis packaging options are they child-safe?
Yes, every child-resistant cannabis packaging has been evaluated, approved, and certified in compliance with laws and standards to guarantee that your goods are secure for use without putting kids or animals at risk.
What minimal order quantity (MOQ) for weed packaging do we offer?
Our MOQ is determined on the packaging type and material you select. Moreover, you can contact our representative to get the minimum order quantity for custom dispensary packaging.
Can I see the final packaging look before production starts?
In order for you to view how the box will look after printing and designing, we provide digital proofs that display both a 3D and a flat form. You can also change it as necessary.
Can you show me a sample of custom cannabis boxes?
Yes, we absolutely can, and we advise you to do so before putting a large order! We have a wide range of sample types on hand to support diverse use cases and ensure excellent results at various points throughout your packaging cycle.
How fast do you make things right?
We currently ship orders in 8 to 10 business days, based on various options such as order quantity and season. We recommend contacting our product specialists for getting precise turnaround times so that we can give you the most accurate estimate.