Learn More About Custom Glitter Boxes

Create Exclusive Glitter Boxes In A Snap With Just A Few Taps!

Recast your gifts with out-of-the-world glitter packaging boxes, each one telling a story of the magic within your memories!

Meticulously designed by experts, these glitter-infused wonders brag a range of features that make them a highlight in the world of packaging. At Half Price Packaging, our sparkling boxes are made as physical expressions to capture your memorable moments and add sparkle to your every day. These versatile and elegant glitter gift boxes wholesale, in any shape and size, with any artwork and design, are innovative packaging combining brightness, texture, and enticing hues to mark style.

Imagine presenting your products in dazzling hot pink glitter gift boxes for Valentine's Day or sleek black ones for a classy aesthetic. Even the thought of it feels so great! These sparkly boxes of excellent quality appear picture-perfect for different gifts. We have multiple extras, from hang tags, inserts, QR codes, and dividers to die cuts, ribbons, bows, sliders, and more. Immediately take your gift pack from 10 to 100. Our personalized add-ons are the real beauties!

We Reflect Sustainability!

Keeping mother nature in mind, Half Price Packaging practices eco-friendly printing methods that are complemented with sustainable soy-based ink. All ink varieties are long-lasting and promise bright prints, but soy-based does it without harming the planet. We extend our commitment to biodegradable kraft stock and ecologically safe cardboard variations for glitter boxes wholesale.

Setting strong on the way to a greener planet!

Only Exclusive Materials (Stock, Thickness: 9pt to 24pt)

Our glitter gift boxes are made with top-tier materials, combining durability and lavishness in one. From cardboard and corrugated to bux and kraft packaging, you have the flexibility to pick from multiple options. We precisely handpick our stock to promise safety, resilience, and a charming finesse for your items. Lightweight yet durable, our sustainable and recyclable packaging offers a golden chance for creative branding. For an admirable and luxurious packaging solution, opt for our metallic card stock laminated with metallic or holographic foiling.

The thickness ranges from 9pt to 24pt, allowing you to customize the robustness of your packaging based on your distinctive needs.

Finishes/Laminations/Coatings To Highlight The High Profile Quality Of The Product

You can enhance the beauty of your glitter and gift packaging boxes with our premium finishes, laminations, and coatings. Do you prefer a matte finish? Or do you love the glossy and velvety textures? Half Price Packaging is the perfect match for your brand’s style. Where our boxes can be made water-resistant with aqueous coating, the anti-scratch lamination keeps your packaging’s exterior protected from daily wear and tear.

With subtle debossing or embossing accents, you can steal the spotlight. Also, gold stamping makes boxes incredibly modish. UV coating, glass spot UV, varnish, and many other options make Half Price Packaging the most reliable packaging partner!

Our advanced coatings look ravishing and protect from corner to corner, top to bottom!

Advanced Printing Techniques Pair Well With Our Shimmer Line Of Boxes

Due to the dull packaging, several top-quality products are left unnoticed in shops. Need your fantasy box in a riot of colors with our state-of-the-art printing techniques? From vibrant CMYK to precise digital printing and Pantone specialties, our gold glitter take out boxes make sure that every aspect of your design is best translated onto the box with sheer clarity.

These boxes are suitable for jewelry, candles, chocolates, and cosmetic industries. We have the equipment, expertise, and techniques to print the artwork of your choice on the box, as well as the brand’s name, logo, contact details, and product details.

Need More? We Cater Bulk or Wholesale Orders, Too!

For those who believe in spreading the glittery joy on a larger scale, we have exceptional considerations for glitter gift boxes wholesale purchases. Whether you're a merchant wanting to stock up on dazzling packaging or hosting a grand event that demands a bit of shine for every guest, our team is ready to discuss and make things happen. Ready to add a special sparkle to your packaging with our gold glitter favor boxes? Connect with us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Can you help fix errors in my box design?
Certainly! Our skilled designers are ready to help you through the full design process utilizing their 10 years of knowledge. They will convert your regular box into a market-ready masterpiece in no time.
Are there any templates available for Glitter Boxes?
You are welcomed to explore our online template library for inspiring pre-designed alternatives. Seek advice from our design specialists to physically execute your hypothetical glitter box packaging with a shiny and lustrous appearance.
How long does it take for my box order to ship?
Turnaround time depends on the order quantity. For short to medium orders, expect 10-14 days. Bulk or wholesale orders may take longer, but we prioritize on-time and hassle-free delivery.
Do you offer bulk discounts for glitter gift boxes?
Yes! Half Price Packaging provides competitive pricing and attractive savings on glitter boxes wholesale. Whether it's a major occasion, the holiday season, or simply sharing love, our bulk discounts will fit comfortably into your budget.
How durable are these glitter boxes?
Only made from high-quality materials, our glitter packaging boxes strike the perfect balance between strength and elegance. Either delicate trinkets or large glitter gift boxes, everything is secure with us.