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Learn More About Perfume Boxes

Choose Quality Packaging Material for Custom Perfume Boxes

Driven by intuition, creativity, and durability in mind, our packaging materials tell a timeless story about your innovative perfume brand.

The smooth surface of the materials portrays your perfume with the character of luxury and high value. Our fleet of sophisticated packaging materials includes kraft, corrugated, rigid, and cardboard. To meet any shipping demands for your fragile perfume bottles, you can select any suitable thickness between 9pt and 24pt.

Luxury Perfume Gift Boxes; All You Need

Finding the perfect perfume gift box is not just an investment but essential to providing the lavish experience of a lifetime impression on the gift receiver. The peculiar style of luxury perfume gift boxes takes your customers back to the strongest memories of the past. It could be based on some thrilling success or even their wedding day. So position your brand with the happy moments of your customers’ lives and make your products necessities for them to express feelings.

Go with the Perfect Layout for Your Perfume Packaging Boxes

For the unique perfume packaging, we give extra consideration to the size and shape of the boxes. The customized box size meets the exact shape of the product's bottle to lend beauty and hold its movements to ensure safety. The perfect layout of the boxes allows your perfume to break the clutter on the retail shelf and pop out to get noticed by customers. Whatever your demands regarding the dimensions and shape of the boxes are, our packaging experts are ready to craft them for you.

Disclose Your Perfume Secrets with Perfume Boxes Packaging

You can print your brand name, logo, and product details on perfume boxes packaging to provide a complete idea about your perfume's nature. Some fragrances are designed for special occasions, while others are used regularly. The accurate design assists the customers in comprehending the criteria for selecting the right perfume for them, such as fragrance notes, sillage, longevity, and affordability.

Also, use our perfume subscription boxes with the desired theme to send the monthly supply of fragrances to your customers effortlessly. Provide a crystal clear image of your perfume to the customers by using our high-definition printing techniques, including CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing.

Use Special Coatings & Finishing for Top Selling Perfumes

Our finishing options inspire your customers and add grace to the outlook of your perfume boxes such as incense box packaging. The hot gold foiling with embossing and debossing provides a luxury aromatic signature to your perfume packaging boxes. The UV coating, gloss coating, and anti-scratch coating highlight the desired area of boxes and save them from external effects like light and scratches.

Select Featured Add-ons for Distinctive Perfume Outlook

Add-ons make your perfume boxes more presentable and gift-worthy with multicolor ribbons and bows. You can ask our experts to use inner silk in various shades like royal blue, ivory, white, black, navy, and charcoal that align with the color scheme of your perfume box design.

Moreover, the compartments and cushions as packaging inserts in the perfume boxes increase the level of safety for your items and make them appear more sleek. You can also print QR codes for better traceability of your perfumes and leave a window patch on the front side of the boxes to provide a sneak peek into the boxes.

Get Majestic Perfume Boxes Wholesale from Half Price Packaging

Packaging is the first thing a person looks at before buying the product, and our cosmetic packaging, including perfume boxes, is ideal to attract customers. If you have budget constraints and are trying to reduce the price of your packaging boxes, discuss them with our packaging experts. They are well-versed in providing premium boxes at affordable prices and make your packaging venture hassle-free.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the perfect packaging for your items.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Do you provide mock-ups for custom perfume boxes?
Yes, we provide 2D or 3D mock-ups to our clients for approval before going into the production process of custom perfume boxes in bulk.
Are your custom perfume boxes durable enough to protect delicate perfume bottles?
Yes, we use highly durable packaging materials for custom perfume boxes and adhere to rigorous testing procedures to finalize the perfect design for delicate products.
What is your turnaround time for custom perfume boxes?
We take only 8-15 business days to deliver the perfume boxes to your doorstep.
What is the role of inserts in perfume boxes?
Our inserts are made of foam and provide a cushioning effect to secure the perfume bottles from external blows or mishandling.
What types of boxes are typically used for luxury perfume boxes?
Most of the time, custom rigid boxes like magnetic closure boxes, two-piece boxes, and hinged boxes are used for luxury perfume boxes.