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Learn More About Sushi Boxes

Customized Box Printing for Luxury Branding

Elegantly printed boxes featuring your logo help customers recognize your baked sushi brand. Our secure, customizable boxes enable effective packaging with calorie details, ingredients, and your company name. Preserve Chinese delicacies in our Kraft boxes for delightful gifts. Our unique die-cut window boxes offer a sneak peek of your delicious food, appealing to product-conscious customers.

Enhance Your Presentation with Exclusive Coatings

Select from a range of finishing choices for cardboard sushi boxes, such as spot UV, soft-touch finish, and aqueous varnish. These options provide both visual appeal and protection for baked goods, ensuring an elegant display within our sturdy packaging. Our premium box packaging is available in a variety of styles, renowned for their durability and quality.

Foil Stamping

Elevate your sushi box delivery cartons with a personalized touch. Choose from various colors, including metallic shades, to enhance edges, borders, and lettering. Foil stamping involves applying a thin metal sheet to your packaging's surface, adding a luxurious feel to your design.

Spot UV

Add a layer of gloss to specific elements on your custom sushi cartons with Spot UV. This option is perfect for highlighting your brand logo or important details, bringing sophistication to your packaging.

Window Patching

Tailored for custom sushi boxes with a viewing window, this feature incorporates a clear plastic sheet on the packaging's surface, die-cut to create a window. This allows customers to see the delicious sushi inside without opening the carton.


Create a unique texture on your custom milk carton packaging or custom food boxes with embossing or debossing. Embossing raises a design from the surface, while debossing creates a sunken design, adding sophistication to your packaging.

Custom Inserts

Ensure the protection of your sushi inside the cartons with custom inserts. These inserts can also be imprinted with your brand logo and essential details, ensuring the safe transit of your products.

Matte Finishing Coat

Opt for a non-glossy finish with a matte coating, adding a touch of sophistication to your custom sushi carton labels and packaging.

Gloss Finishing Coat

Choose a gloss finishing coat for a shinier and more luxurious appearance of your folding carton boxes and other styles, creating an upscale look.

Varnish Finishing Coat

Falling between matte and gloss, the varnish finishing coat adds sophistication and shine to your packaging.

Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

To make your custom bento boxes inviting and add a velvety tactile feel to your packaging, select the soft-touch finishing coat. It gives your packaging a smooth and luxurious texture, perfect for high-end packaging.

To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at 866-225-2112. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing exceptional products and services.

Frequently asked questions

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What's the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for sushi packaging?
The minimum order quantity can vary based on factors like packaging material, thickness, rigidity, and customization level. For precise details, please contact one of our product specialists.
What's the Turnaround Time for Your Packaging?
Our standard turnaround time typically ranges from 8 to 12 business days, covering the entire process from box design to manufacturing and delivery to your specified location.
How Can I Request a Price Quote?
Requesting a price quote is simple. Share your requirements with us via live chat, email, or our various communication channels.
What Makes CMYK Different from Pantone (PMS) Colors?
CMYK and Pantone (PMS) are distinct color systems used in creating unique designs for sushi delivery boxes. CMYK blends four colors for a wide spectrum, while Pantone (PMS) offers a set of solid, predefined colors.
Do You Offer Environmentally-Friendly Materials for Sushi To-Go Boxes?
Absolutely, we provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to meet all your packaging and branding requirements.